XENO Buffs, Debuffs, and Status Effects


In XENO, understanding buffs, debuffs, and status effects is crucial for mastering gameplay. Here’s a detailed overview:


Buffs are effects that enhance your XENO’s abilities. Here are the main types of buffs:

ATK UpIncreases ATK (Attack Power)
SPD UpIncreases SPD (Speed)
Immune to All Status EffectsNegates all status effects
Immune to StunPrevents being stunned
InvisiblePrevents being targeted by enemy attacks
CoveringTakes single-target attacks on behalf of allies
CounterReflects damage back to the attacker


Debuffs weaken your XENO, making them less effective in battle. The primary debuffs are:

ATK DownDecreases ATK (Attack Power)
SPD DownDecreases SPD (Speed)

Status Effects

Status effects weaken XENO in various ways other than just stats. Key status effects include:

Status EffectEffect
PoisonReduces HP over time during any unit’s action
StunCauses the next attack to miss
SilencePrevents use of non-attack skill cards
BurnDeals continuous damage
ShockPrevents critical hits
FreezeReduces final damage dealt by attack skills

These effects can turn the tide of battle, so understanding and utilizing them effectively can provide a significant strategic advantage.

For more detailed information on each class and how these effects interplay, please refer to the following article. Be sure to check it out!