Project XENO: How to Earn Free – A Complete Guide


Project XENO functions as a rewarding Free-to-Play game.

While it’s possible to play by purchasing XENO NFTs, there’s no need to splurge as one can equally engage in gameplay using the freely distributed XENO.

This article is designed to shed light on methods to dive into Project XENO for free and yet manage to reap profits.

There exist three primary no-cost strategies:

  • Get U-coins from treasures
  • Get NFTs through NFT-BOX
  • Taking full advantage of the Battle Pass

PROJECT XENO| Hunting U Coins from Treasures

PROJECT XENO| Hunting U Coins from Treasures

One way to earn for free in Project XENO involves collecting U Coins from treasures.

Treasures are like loot boxes that tumble your way whenever you smash your enemies in arena battles. You can also snag them from the shop, but you need U Coins to do that, and since we’re all about the free life here, it’s better to aim for battle drops.

  • Gold
  • Soul stone
  • Skill cards
  • U Coins
  • Weapons / Charms

Selling weapons and charms on the marketplace can prove profitable.

Additionally, the chance to get free gold and soul tokens, which can be used for various level-ups, should not be overlooked! 

However, U Coins, which directly transfer into profits, appear to have a significantly low drop rate. Remember that continued persistence in opening treasures may eventually yield these coveted coins.

Treasures range from level 1 to level 4, with the content becoming increasingly lavish as the level increases. If securing U Coins is the goal, it would be wise to aim to open as many high-level treasures as possible.



Another method to earn in Project XENO, without spending a dime, is by unboxing NFT-BOX. Unlike treasures, NFT-BOX is unique because it offers items and NFTs upon opening. NFT-BOX may yield the following three types of items:

  • Charms
  • XENOs
  • Weapons

The surprise element is real, as it’s only possible to know what will be acquired once the box is opened. It does cost a slightly steep 8,000G coins ($80) to open one, but considering the current floor prices of these items on the marketplace, if XENO pops out, it’s guaranteed to turn a profit:

  • Charm: $52
  • XENO: $105
  • Weapon: $30

More details:
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How to Get NFT-BOX

How to Get NFT-BOX

There are three ways to snag an NFT-BOX:

  • GXE Partner Perks: Bag one as a GXE partner reward(7th)
  • Limited-Time Sales: Buy during special sale events
  • In-Game Wins: Score one as a rare drop from victorious arena battles

If you’ve got a decent stash of GXE during the recruitment period, you’ll earn the title of a GXE partner(9th). Then, as a nice little perk, you’ll get an NFT-BOX sent your way. 

Another option is to grab one during a limited-time sale. 

But, if you’re not into spending cash, you’ll have to keep slugging it out in the arena. 



The Battle Pass, a new system implemented in July 2023, offers yet another chance to earn for free. 

The beauty of the Battle Pass is that regardless of your win or loss record in the arena battles, you get rewards based on the number of XENO you knock out. 

As you defeat more XENO, your Battle Pass level goes up, and with each level rise, you’re rewarded.

There are free and paid versions of this battle pass. The free one does not give you Ucoin or NFT-Boxes, but it does give you weapons and a master key, which increases your chances of getting rewards in arena battles.

And if you join the paid one you will definitely get NFT-Boxes and G-Coins. For more details on the Battle Pass, check out “PROJECT XENO| What is the Battle Pass(Season 2)?”.

PROJECT XENO | How to Earn More Efficiently

PROJECT XENO | How to Earn More Efficiently

If you’re looking to rake in the big bucks in Project XENO, you’ll need to move past the free XENO and get your hands on the NFT version of XENO.

With NFT XENO, you earn UT with every victory in the arena battles, which isn’t up to chance.

However, with the free XENO, it all depends on the drop rate of items. There will be profitable days and not-so-profitable ones.

So, if you’re after a more efficient earning strategy, consider purchasing NFT XENO or an NFT-BOX.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Is Project XENO a completely free-to-play game?
  • Q: How can I earn more efficiently in Project XENO?
  • Q: Where can I get the latest updates and information?

Q: Is Project XENO a completely free-to-play game?

A: Yes, Project XENO functions as a rewarding Free-to-Play game, where players can engage in gameplay using freely distributed XENO without needing to spend money.

Q: How can I earn more efficiently in Project XENO?

A: To increase earnings efficiently, consider using NFT XENO or purchasing an NFT-BOX, as NFT XENO guarantees UT with every victory, minimizing earnings fluctuations.

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Q: Where can I get the latest updates and information?

A: Please check for the latest updates and information on Twitter and Discord.


Free Play, Full Enjoyment with Project XENO!

Project XENO is a free-to-play game that offers three methods to earn while you play:

  • Get U Coins from treasures
  • Unlocking profitable items by opening NFT-BOX
  • Gaining rewards through the Battle Pass by knocking out XENO

However, to really up the earnings, it’s recommended to either use NFT XENO or purchase an NFT-BOX. With NFT XENO, you earn UT with every victory, minimizing the fluctuations in earnings. If you’re looking to earn big, consider getting an NFT!



PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

NameProject XENO