All you have to know about Pancake Games($GCAKE)


Have you heard of “PancakeGames,” a popular platform in the NFT game industry? They have partnered with projects such as “PROJECT XENO” to support NFT games.

In 2023, PancakeGames partnered with “Hakuhodo DY Media Partners,” a major Japanese advertising company. This partnership has received a lot of attention and interest.

This article covers everything necessary you need to know about Pancake Games. Dive into the world of Pancake Games with us!

NamePancake Games

What is Pancake Games?

What is Pancake Games?

PancakeGames is a platform for NFT games that offers professional gamer reviews and exclusive sales of new NFT game items. It is partnered with several NFT games and serves as a comprehensive platform for NFT games. Additionally, the platform has its own proprietary virtual currency called GCAKE.

Also, Pancake Games has made headlines with strategic partnerships and collaborations, indicating significant progress in the gaming sector. Partnering with Japan’s leading advertising agency, Hakuhodo, is set to expand its audience reach and attract new users.

In the future, the platform plans to develop an IDO platform for NFT games and prioritize highly rated games. Pancake Games users will have priority in purchasing rare items (NFTs) that can be used in the game, and exclusive NFTs from other platforms will also be available. Additionally, the platform will host NFT events, game contests, and conferences to promote and raise awareness.

Features of Pancake Games

Pancake Games is a new gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to offer a unique gaming experience. Here are some of the standout features of Pancake Games:

IDO of NFT games

PancakeGames addresses common challenges in early GameFi projects, such as funding and user acquisition, by offering tailored solutions, including strategic marketing and promotion of NFT sales in collaboration with global projects. They plan to launch a dedicated IDO platform for NFT games to streamline IDO processes for partner projects, prioritizing those with significant social media buzz and reputation.

e-SPORT teams

GameFi’s sustainability relies on a constant stream of new users. To evolve beyond this, the focus is shifting to e-Sports, which offers a more competitive and publicly engaging experience. By promoting e-Sports in NFT games, nurturing young talent, and hosting competitions, the ecosystem can attract new investments. Additional strategies like sports betting and expanding sponsorships are aimed at boosting user acquisition and investment. In 2022, the formation of the professional team FCPG by PancakeGames successfully attracted a large fanbase.

Hosting events

PancakeGames and its partner NFT Game Project will organize events for GCAKE holders, including potential conferences. They plan to host regular game competitions and contests featuring partner KOLs. Winners will receive rare game NFTs as prizes, boosting the economy of related games and GCAKE.

NFT Marketplace

PancakeGames aims to partner with global marketplaces to promote NFTs and GameFi, expanding its user base and enhancing its valuation and capitalization. Users will get early access to rare NFTs for use in games, benefiting both PancakeGames and its partner marketplaces with exclusive sales. Additionally, there are plans to develop a proprietary NFT marketplace.

Pancake Games gaming ecosystem

One key feature that makes Pancake Games stand out is its gaming ecosystem, which includes XENO, KENKA METAVERSE, and SKYFRONTIER.



PROJECT XENO is an NFT game with GameFi and e-Sports developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab. Players who own the NFT character XENO win virtual currency and NFT by winning battles. This NFT game requires strategic thinking. The famous Japanese YouTuber Hikaru, who has over 4.85 million registered users, and Manny Pacquiao, a national hero from the Philippines, have been appointed ambassadors. Five more ambassadors are scheduled to be appointed in the future.




TTX / WEARE is developing it as a GameFi project for a metaverse version of the popular KENKADO (喧嘩道) app, which has exceeded 1.5 million downloads.

KENKA METAVERSE is a blockchain game inspired by the Japanese underworld. It is a gaming ecosystem that offers an immersive Play to Earn experience, where players can train their characters and gain fame and fortune through ‘KENKA’ (‘fight’ in Japanese). The game has also made headlines with mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura as an official ambassador.

The KENKA METAVERSE is currently offering a beta test version for iOS and Android. It’s a fighting game similar to Street Fighter, where you can battle using multiple characters. Will it be possible to fight using famous Japanese fighters sold in NFT sales? I’m looking forward to it.

Sky Frontier

This is the world’s first multi-hunting RPG, a game about defeating giant creatures lurking in the Sea of Clouds and featuring beautiful graphics and attractive characters.

The game is having partnership with Japanese mobile operator KDDI, which has 61 million subscribers. Players can earn currency and trade NFTs in Play to Earn. They can also earn revenue by lending NFTs to other players.

This game has been developed by BIGBANG, but there has been a change in its development team, with Mr. Furuse, the president of the company operating PROJECT XENO, now taking the lead.

Along with the refresh of the development team, the WhitePaper has also been updated. For details on the updates made in the WhitePaper, please see the following article.

Partner Games

  • XANA


The NEOBRED, a unique NFT-based horse racing game developed on the Avalanche network.

This game represents an innovative fusion of blockchain technology with the online gaming world, offering players a comprehensive experience of a racehorse’s lifecycle, from breeding to training and racing.

NEOBRED is a NFT horse racing game built on an EVM blockchain.
NEOBRED is a NFT horse racing game built on an EVM blockchain. Customize breed/train process to win the race for rewards.


Next, the alliance with “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” is particularly exciting.

This blockchain game is based on the influential football manga “Captain Tsubasa” by Yoichi Takahashi, revered by soccer fans globally.

CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS- is a blockchain game of the legendary football manga “Captain Tsubasa”


Finally, the partnership with XANA, an integrated platform of AI, Metaverse, and Web3.0, is perhaps the most futuristic.

XANA | AI x Web 3.0 Metaverse SocialFi Infrastructure For Billions
XANA is AI driven Web 3.0 infrastructure custom-built for the Metaverse. Broadly Adopted by major institutions, local governments, and global brands.


Oil War is a competitive game about oil exploration. In this game, players embark on a journey to master the use of mining equipment, crucial for extracting treasures from rich oil fields.

What is $GCAKE?

What is $GCAKE?

GCAKE is the native cryptocurrency of Pancake Games, a BEP-20 & ERC-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum. Holding GCAKE tokens can increase users’ chances of winning various rewards.

For example, by staking GCAKE, users can receive priority for exclusive NFTs, pre-order new games, and more. Tournaments and event rewards can also be paid in GCAKE.

There will be no additional issuance of GCAKE, and the burn mechanism will cause deflation in the short and long term.

  • BEP20 Token Contract: 0x61d5822dd7b3ed495108733e6550d4529480c8f6
  • ERC20 Token Contract: 0x5f944b0c4315cb7c3a846b025ab4045da44abf6c
  • Polygon(MATIC)0x61D5822DD7b3Ed495108733e6550d4529480C8F6


The PGIB (PancakeGames INFINITY BOX) is a unique Box-NFT that offers exclusive rewards without needing to be opened, differentiating it from traditional boxes.

Limited to 2,000 units and supported on the Polygon chain, PGIB holders can enjoy benefits like exclusive NFTs, tokens, and sale tickets, enhancing the PancakeGames community’s engagement.


Pancake Games is a new gaming ecosystem that is gaining popularity. Its gamification strategy and partnerships with established game development companies set it apart. With a team of experienced developers and designers, the platform constantly improves to attract even more gamers. The company has a promising future with significant growth potential in the gaming industry.