Project XENO’s Anniversary Event: Unveiling Exciting New Features!


On the 11th of May, an event celebrating the first anniversary of Project XENO’s launch was held in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Amidst much anticipation, the event promised to reveal new details about the game. So what new information was revealed? 

This article looks at the game updates announced at the XENO Fest event. Let’s dive in and explore what’s new—read on!

1. Enhancing Usability

Project XENO is stepping up its game by introducing features designed to boost user engagement and streamline gameplay:

  • Global Chat Feature: Allows players to seamlessly communicate with each other.
  • Achievement System: Players can now unlock all characters and badges, enhancing the rewards system.
  • Seasonal Missions: These new additions provide specific rewards upon completion, keeping the gameplay exciting.
  • Gift Feature for Streamers

This makes it easier for new players to catch up and grow within the game. 

The Achievements feature is particularly noteworthy as it has attracted the attention of veteran players for its ability to unlock all characters and badges.

2. Battle System Evolution

The battle system updates aim to make the combat experience more thrilling:

  • Separate Arena and Tournament seasons: For example, Arena from 13 May to 12 June, Tournament from 12 June to 27 June.
  • Enhanced Seasonal Rewards: The stakes are higher, with substantial prize money and legendary equipment on the line.
  • Battle History Review: Players can now track their wins and losses against specific opponents, adding a strategic layer to the game.
  • Rival Feature: Identifying and defeating rivals can now earn bonus trophies, with additional rewards for topping this competitive list.

3. Level Cap Increase and Customization

  • The experience points required to level up user levels have been reduced (making it easier to level up).
  • The maximum user level has been increased from 14 to 50.
  • The maximum XENO level has been increased to 30.

Please note that any experience points already earned will be recalculated according to the new user levels. 

For example, if your user level was 14 before the update, it will be recalculated to 35 after the update.

4. Customization Feature

The long-awaited customisation feature for XENO players is finally here! Players will be able to customize the following parts of their XENO to match their preferred appearance:

  • Eyes
  • Weapon skins (allowing you to separate equipped weapon and displayed weapon)
  • Entry animations
  • Kill animations

5. GENESIS NFT Improvements

The earning rates for GENESIS NFTs have been increased, making it easier to earn G-Coins and U-Coins compared to traditional NFTs. Below are the updated earn rates:

G Coin Earn RatesU Coin Earn Rates
G12x to 10x5x to 10x
G21.3x to 3x
G31.2x to 2.5x
G41.1x to 2x

In addition, a new challenge system has been introduced where players can upgrade their NFTs by using two GENESIS NFTs and G Coins. For example, by using two GENESIS 5 NFTs and a certain amount of G Coins, a player could try to upgrade to GENESIS 4. If the attempt fails, players will receive non-withdrawable G Coins. 

In the future, GENESIS 1 will no longer be available through sales and Gacha, making the challenge system the primary method of obtaining it.

Plus, GENESIS NFTs will now store passives once they have been inherited, preventing them from disappearing. These stored passives can be reactivated at any time for a cost.

6. Improvements to WEAPON and CHARM Values

Several updates have been implemented to increase the value of WEAPON and CHARM items:

  • Gacha, Sales and NFT BOX: Only Rare or Epic items that cannot be sold, dismantled will appear.
  • Future Openings: Epic and Legendary equipment will no longer appear in new Gacha, Sales and NFT-BOX openings.
  • Price Reduction: The opening cost of NFT-BOX has been halved from 6,000 G Coins to 3,000 G Coins.
  • Dismantling Compensation Changes: The rewards from dismantling XENO, WEAPON, and CHARM have been updated to include exclusive designs, such as special edition XENOs.

Non-tradable equipment can now increase in rarity and become tradable.

The rewards from dismantling XENO, WEAPON, and CHARM items have been altered to include exclusive XENO designs like “Female Ninja” and “Male Necromancer,” making rare NFTs available through dismantling.

7. Marketplace and Jackpot Enhancements

From 31st May, the marketplace’s base currency will change from USDT to GXE. This means that the exchange rate for 1 G Coin will change from 1 USDT to 1 GXE.

 As a result of this currency change, all NFTs listed on the marketplace will be withdrawn, so users should be careful. 

In addition, as of the 13th of May, the minimum listing price for LEGENDARY equipment will be increased to 1,320 MM.

8. Jackpot Feature

A new jackpot feature has been added to the U Coin token pool! 

This system allows players to win large amounts of U Coin by winning battles with an NFT XENO in their deck. The jackpot operates on a lottery system where U Coins are awarded at random. 

This could be an exciting opportunity for those who enjoy a bit of a gamble.

9. Anniversary Gift

To celebrate the first anniversary after the update, every player will receive 500,000 gold! This amount matches the total gold reward available in the free version of the battle pass. 

For those who have been experiencing a shortage of gold, this is an excellent opportunity to complete the battle pass and maximize your rewards!

10. Upcoming Features

Looking ahead, the next year promises even more advancements for the game with planned updates including:

  • Adding Player vs. Environment (PvE) features.
  • Introducing Guild vs. Guild (GvG) functionalities.
  • Expanding to additional platforms such as PlayStation and Steam.
  • Launching new classes.
  • Enhancing emotive expressions.
  • Adding in-app spectating capabilities.

These updates aim to significantly enrich the gameplay experience.

Summary of Updates Announced at the Anniversary Event

Here’s a summary of the updates announced at the Project XENO anniversary event:

  • Added a Global Chat Feature to facilitate communication between players.
  • Added an Achievement Feature that allows all characters and badges to be unlocked as rewards.
  • Added Seasonal Missions feature, offering specific rewards upon completion.
  • Added a Streaming Gift Feature.
  • Separated the Arena and Tournament periods.
  • Significantly improved rewards for seasonal championships.
  • Added a Battle History Review feature that allows players to view their win/loss record against specific opponents.
  • Added a rival feature that shows the top 10 nearby players by rank.
  • Lowered the experience points required to level up, making it easier to level up.
  • Changed the maximum user level from 14 to 50.
  • Increased the maximum XENO level to 30.
  • Added customisation features.
  • Increased the reward rates for GENESIS NFTs.
  • Added a challenge system.
  • Changed GENESIS so that once inherited, passives are memorized and do not disappear.
  • Adjusted Gacha, Sales and NFT Box openings to show only rare or epic items that cannot be sold, dismantled or withdrawn.
  • Ensured that epic and legendary equipment will not appear in future Gacha, Sales and NFT-BOX openings.
  • Halved the opening price of equipment NFT-BOXes from 6,000 G-Coins to 3,000 G-Coins.
  • Changed the compensation received from dismantling.
  • Changed the base currency of the marketplace.
  • Added a jackpot feature.
  • Awarded 500,000 Gold to all players to commemorate the first anniversary.

With all these updates, players returning after a break are likely to be surprised. Project XENO is planning even more updates, promising to continue delivering fresh surprises to us.