Project XENO Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary: Lavish Rewards Await!


As Project XENO celebrates its first anniversary this May, it’s rolling out spectacular anniversary rewards and events to thank its dedicated player base. 

Get ready to dive into a series of rewarding campaigns and exciting competitions!

Guaranteed Legendary Weapon or Charm for All Participants!

Project XENO’s official X will soon announce the details of a campaign where every participant is guaranteed to receive at least one top-tier weapon or charm.

With over 100 different types of weapons or charms to choose from, players have the chance to specifically target and acquire their favorite legendary item! 

However, note that equipment obtained in this campaign cannot be listed on the marketplace, disassembled, or upgraded in rarity.

Everyone Receives 500,000 Gold!

During the anniversary period, every player who plays in the game will receive up to 500,000 gold! Keep an eye on the official X for more details coming soon.

eSports Tournament “1st Anniversary Cup” to be Held

A high-stakes eSports tournament with a total prize pool of 10 million Japanese Yen (about 630,000 dollars) will be held to showcase the strategic and tactical skills of top players. 

The online qualifiers have already started, so if you’re interested, hurry up and install the app!

Qualifier details:

  • Location: Online (Project XENO app)
  • Dates:  28th April to 1st May, over four days
  • Mode: Extra
  • Lives: Up to 3 per day, with resets available
  • Schedule:

Day 1: 28th April from 10:00 UTC

Day 2: 29th April from 12:00 UTC

Day 3: 30th April from 10:00 UTC

Day 4: 1st May from 12:00 UTC

The top 2 fastest players with 5 wins each day will advance from the qualifiers for a total of 8 players.

Exhibition Match Features Popular Japanese YouTubers Kajisac and Hikaru!

An exhibition match will be held at the anniversary party with the participation of popular YouTubers Kajisac, Hikaru and other influencers.

  • Date: 11th May, 2024
  • Location: AKIBA_SQUARE, Akihabara, Japan

“As an ambassador for PROJECT XENO, which is celebrating its first anniversary, I’m excited about the lavish anniversary event including a 10 million yen (about 630,000 dollars) tournament. I hope everyone fully enjoys it.” Hikaru, serving as an ambassador for Project XENO, commented. “I am determined to deliver an intensely exciting battle worthy of the first anniversary!” Kajisac added.

Join the Lavish Anniversary Event!

The action-packed anniversary party, including a 10 million yen (about 630,000 dollars) eSports tournament and exhibition matches, will take place on 11th May, 2024, at AKIBA_SQUARE in Akihabara, Japan. The event is free to enter with no pre-registration required. On the day, there will be a real-gacha event, booths by in-game guilds, and even significant announcements! If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to join in the festivities!