Sky Frontier: New White Paper [Quick Look]


Sky Frontier has seen a change in its development team, with Mr. Furuse, the president of the company operating PROJECT XENO, now taking the lead.

While following the existing trajectory, a detailed white paper has been made public. Let’s briefly review some highlights.

Sky Frontier: The Setting

Sky Frontier is an engaging online game set in a post-civilization collapse world. Two centuries after a major catastrophe, humanity was driven from sky islands to the Earth’s surface, leaving the skies dominated by mighty monsters known as Orphans. A minority of survivors, called Floaters, live on airships, embracing the freedom of the skies despite constant threats from these creatures.

The game’s main thrust involves skilled Floaters aboard the fortress ship “Argonauts,” venturing into the sky to gather resources and engage in battles with the Orphans.

Sky Frontier: Play to Earn

Sky Frontier is garnering attention for its innovative ‘Play to Earn’ model, utilizing blockchain technology. Players can earn tokens and NFTs through gameplay, even without owning NFTs initially. Various ways to earn include seasonal ranking rewards, acquiring Gold Nugget NFTs, and dropping NFT-BOXes containing equipment.

Non-NFT CharacterNFT CharacterEvolved NFT Character
Gold Nugget Drop RateNone1x2x
Regular Item Drop Rate1x2x3x
Character EnhancementStandard LevelStandard LevelStatus Increase/Additional Unique Skills

Sky Frontier: Game System

The game’s major elements include battles against giant monsters cooperatively with four players, large-scale boss fights with up to 32 players, and extensive upgrades for characters, airships, and equipment. These elements provide a diverse and exciting experience for players.

To summarize, the 1 vs. giant monster battles offer materials and quest acquisition, while the large-scale monster battles provide higher rarity items as seasonal ranking battle rewards.

Sky Frontier: Characters and Skills

Characters gain experience and level up by defeating the Orphans. Leveling up enhances parameters like HP, SP, and FS, equipping them to face tougher enemies. Each character possesses unique skills, and with different attributes and compatibilities, strategic depth is added to the gameplay.

Sky Frontier: Parallel Co-op Battle

Sky Frontier introduces a ‘Parallel Co-op Battle’ system with a party of four characters. This system allows each character to act simultaneously, enabling more sophisticated team strategies and coordination in turn-based combat.

Sky Frontier: Equipment and Airships

Sefira, mystical orbs with various powers, are crucial for customizing equipment and bestowing Sefira skills. Airships also play a vital role as the party’s platform. The class of the ship determines the number of crew members.

Sky Frontier: Adventurers’ Guild

Located on the player’s base, the fortress mothership “Argonauts,” the Adventurers’ Guild offers team formation and quest assignments. Players can form teams to defeat the Orphans and earn the in-game currency ‘Aero’.

Sky Frontier: NFT Types

  • Land: Players’ territories/call monsters above their territories, issuing hunting quests.
  • Character: Rename S characters and N characters.
  • Airships: Three sizes, varying crew numbers, each with unique skills.
  • Weapons: Weapons can be strengthened with Sefira and by combining with other weapons.
  • Accessories: Includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, similar to weapon enhancements.

Sky Frontier: Utilizing $GSKY, $GCAKE

  • $GSKY: Exchangeable for SKY coins used for purchasing game items and opening NFT BOX.
  • $GCAKE: Used in the GCAKE Store; 50% of spent GCAKE is burned, the remainder sold in the market.

Sky Frontier: Roadmap

In the next three months, game specifications and concept art will be finalized in preparation for testing. Over the following three months, an alpha version will be developed, with beta and release versions planned over the next six months. The earliest release is targeted for early 2025.

While minor adjustments may occur, the game holds great promise. The new development team brings transparency, and the presence of members who made PROJECT XENO successful is significant. Let’s look forward to the future developments of Sky Frontier!