What is GXE Partners Program 8th in PROJECT XENO?


Greetings, PROJECT XENO enthusiasts!

This post will delve into the GXE Partners program, a rewarding system for players who fulfill specific conditions.

Although the deadline for the 8th period has passed, we’re looking ahead to the next round.

So, if you’re interested, keep reading to prepare for the 9th period.

What is the GXE Partner?

The GXE Partner is a feature within PROJECT XENO, which you can become a part of by meeting specific criteria.

Once you’re a GXE Partner, you can receive benefits each period.

The 8th period has already started on July 28th, so if you’re interested, set your sights on the 9th period.

But before that, let’s delve into the details of this program and the perks it offers.

Requirements to Become a GXE Partner (8th period)


  • You must hold at least 10,000 GXE from July 28th until the end of Season 1.
  • You must purchase a Battle Pass.
  • You must participate in Season 1.

If you meet these three conditions, you will be recognized as a partner until the end of Season 1.

Rewards and Benefits for GXE Partners


There are many benefits to becoming a GXE partner; let’s take a look at the 8th and earlier rewards.

8th period:

You can win unique and valuable rewards as a GXE Partner in the 8th period.

One is the Hikaru GENESIS 5 (Samurai), a rare NFT limited to only 33 pieces worldwide, awarded to one fortunate individual.

In addition, five more participants receive the sought-after Hikaru XENO (Samurai).

By meeting the GXE Partner conditions, you gain a spot on our whitelist. This means you can list your items on the marketplace immediately — a privilege confirmed for those recognized as GXE Partners in the 7th and 8th periods.

In the 8th period, they also introduced a new initiative: the GXE Shop. Currently, in planning, this exclusive store will let GXE Partners purchase NFTs using their GXE tokens.

It will feature limited-edition items and super-discounted NFTs, making it a haven for all NFT enthusiasts within the GXE Partner program. We expect to launch the GXE Shop sometime after the 9th period and will announce further details soon.

Past Benefits:

GXE Partners have always enjoyed an array of lucrative benefits. In the past, these have included:

  • Early access to the gameplay before launch
  • NFT-BOX distribution

How to Become a GXE Partner

From here, we will look at how to participate in GXE Partners (8th), and although the conditions are more stringent than in the 7th, it should be helpful for future participation.

Estimating the Necessary Cost

  • Holding 10,000 GXE
  • Purchase of Battle Pass: around $68 (in-app purchase)

Acquiring the Necessary GXE

10,000 GXE for GXE Partners. As of writing, 1 GXE is about $o.o7, so 10,000 GXE will be about $700.

BNB (0.005 BNB should suffice) is required for gas charges if you buy G-coins with GXE.

Please see this guide on how to purchase GXE.

Hold GXE in Your Wallet

The first condition for becoming a GXE Partner is to hold 10,000 GXE in your wallet.

Be sure to hold it in a wallet connected to your page.

Purchase of Battle Pass

From the 8th period onwards, buying a Battle Pass, rather than participating in sales, is necessary.

The Season 1 Battle Pass includes three NFT-BOX: XENO, WEAPON, and CHARM, so it’s a great deal.

The Battle Pass costs $68 and can be easily purchased in-app.

Check on My Page

Once you become a GXE Partner, you can check the mark on your page. Let’s then wait for the lottery results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hold GXE on an exchange?

Q: Can I move GXE during the period?

Q: Do past partners need to buy a Battle Pass?

Q: Do all partners receive the benefits?

Q: Can I hold GXE on an exchange?

A: Hold the 10,000 GXE, the first condition, in a wallet already connected to your page. Even if you hold it on an exchange or in a wallet not connected to your page, you will not be recognized as a partner.

Q: Can I move GXE during the period?

A: If your GXE holdings fall below 10,000 during the period, you will not be recognized as a partner. However, moving GXE from your wallet to exchange or using it within the bounds of not falling below 10,000 is okay.

Q: Do past partners need to buy a Battle Pass?

A: Yes, regardless of whether you were a partner in the past, purchasing a Battle Pass is necessary to become a partner in the 8th period.

Q: Do all partners receive the benefits?

A: From the 8th period onwards, benefits such as Hikaru GENESIS and Hikaru XENO have become more substantial. However, they are given out in a lottery format.


The GXE Partner program in PROJECT XENO provides numerous benefits to those who meet the conditions.

Although the 8th period has begun, there’s ample opportunity to prepare for the 9th period.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the 9th period and the launch of the GXE Shop, where more rewards await. Stay tuned!



PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

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