How to Purchase $KENKA (Kenka Coin)

KENKA Metaverse

KENKA (Kenka Coin) is a virtual currency used in KENKA METAVERSE, an underground-inspired game where users strive to become the strongest fighters and master the art of brawling.

With each victory in a fight, players can earn KENKA coins. The game is free-to-play, but to gain an advantage, players must purchase NFT characters. These NFT characters can be bought using KENKA from the in-app marketplace.

To buy NFT characters, you must first purchase KENKA.

How to Purchase KENKA Method 1: MEXC

As of now, KENKA Coins can only be purchased on the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC.

MEXC is known for offering a vast selection of over 1400 types of coins, including unique virtual currencies not found on other exchanges.

For information on how to open an account on MEXC, please refer to Article 1. Alternatively, you can obtain KENKA by swapping another cryptocurrency, such as USDT.

Prepare USDT

To buy KENKA on MEXC, you need to have the stablecoin USDT. USDT can be purchased with a credit/debit card.

First, visit the official website and log in. 

Click on “Buy Crypto” in the upper menu bar, then click “Debit/Credit Card.”

Add your card information by clicking “Add Card” at the bottom of the displayed screen.

Afterward, input the amount you want to spend in “Amount” and check the USDT amount you will receive in “You Will Receive:”

Enter the security code on your card when the screen switches to the credit card payment screen.

This completes your USDT purchase.

If USDT cannot be purvhased through the mentioned method, a third-party payment service provider can be utilized to make the payment with a credit card.


Once you have USDT, you can buy KENKA with it.

Click on “Spot” in the upper menu bar on the official website, then click “Spot” again.

Type “KENKA” in the search bar on the right, then click on “KENKA/USDT.”

Enter the desired amount of USDT in the “Price” bar and buy KENKA.

How to Purchase KENKA Method 2: PancakeSwap

If you couldn’t purchase USDT for some reason, try swapping another cryptocurrency for KENKA. As KENKA is built on the Binance Smart Chain, Binance Coin (BNB) is required for swapping to KENKA. 

After acquiring BNB, visit the PancakeSwap official website, and select “Swap” under “Trade” in the upper left corner.

Connect your wallet and set the desired cryptocurrency to receive as KENKA.

By default, the receiving currency is set to “CAKE”, so click to change it.

Type “KENKA” and click on the displayed Kenka Coin to add it.

Now, just enter the amount of BNB you want to swap, and the amount of KENKA you will receive will be displayed automatically.

After confirming the amount, click “Swap” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.