The Comprehensive List of Past NFT Sales in KENKA METAVERSE

KENKA Metaverse

Welcome to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of KENKA METAVERSE, a digital realm where gaming and blockchain technology intersect in exciting ways. In this article, we will delve into the rich history of KENKA METAVERSE, specifically focusing on its various NFT sales that have captivated players and collectors alike.


KENKA METAVERSE is a metaverse project of the popular app game “Kenka-Do.” Players can earn the cryptocurrency KENKA (Kenka Coin) by winning fights using NFT characters. The project has already sold various collaboration NFTs with famous personalities. The game is scheduled to be released within 2023, and the latest information can be checked on the official website and social media.


In KENKA METAVERSE, various items and characters can be traded as NFTs. Here, we will introduce the main types of NFTs and their uses.

Character NFTs

There are two main types of characters: main characters, which are controlled by the player, and supporting characters, known as Shatei.

Main characters can be adorned and strengthened by equipping them with items. They are essentially the players’ avatars in KENKA METAVERSE.

Shatei, on the other hand, are secondary characters that can be obtained by winning in-game or by purchasing them from the marketplace. There are two types of Shatei: Trainers, who help with character development, and Partners, who provide support. Shatei help with various tasks, such as training the main character and protecting the area.

Shima (Land)

In KENKA METAVERSE, it’s possible to profit even without owning character NFTs by managing land NFTs, called “Shima”. There are two types of Shima: Gyms and Arenas.

Owners of Gym NFTs can profit from the fees paid by other players who use their Gyms. Each Gym can set up a Trainer NFT, which becomes an important strategy for differentiating from other Gyms.

Arenas allow you to host tournaments where players from around the world compete for prize money. Spectators can bet on which player will win, with the potential to earn significant profits if their prediction is correct. A portion of the winnings from the bets are distributed to the owners of the Arena NFTs.


Other tradeable NFTs include weapons, bikes, cars, hats, etc. that can be equipped by the main characters. In past sales, even dogs and cats have been sold as items. For more details, see the list of past sales.

KENKA METAVERSE: List of Past Sales

Let’s take a look at the sales that have been conducted in KENKA METAVERSE so far. Below are the details of the nine sales events that have taken place in the past.

KENKA 1st NFT Sale

The first NFT sale took place in July 2022. Various character NFTs were sold, including collaboration NFTs with Asuka Kirara, a famous influencer in Japan. The following were the NFTs available in the sale:

  • [SR] DeadShot・Jackson

Items sold included the following:

  • [R] Wagner “SMART DAN”

KENKA 2nd NFT Sale

For the second sale in KENKA METAVERSE, a partnership with Watanabe Boxing Gym, one of the world’s largest boxing gyms, was announced. As a result, the sale included collaborative NFTs with star players from Watanabe Boxing Gym:


NFTs featuring members of the KENKA METAVERSE GIRLS, a group formed by women supporting KENKA METAVERSE, were also sold:


Other character NFTs from Kenka-Do included the following:


Item NFTs sold in this round were as follows, with Doge also appearing to be in the item category:

  • [R] The Wild Shiba Inu (Doge)
  • [R] SERPENT “Lightning”
  • [R] Boss’s Long “Dosu”

KENKA 2nd NFT Sale: 2nd Half

The 2nd sale in KENKA METAVERSE was held in two parts. The second part featured various NFTs from the first half:

  • [SSR] Mikuru Asakura [Professional Fighter]
  • [SR] Mikuru Asakura [Trainer]
  • [R] Mikuru Asakura
  • [SR] Sho Miyajima

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Angel Lee
  • [SR] Ryunosuke Iwakuni
  • [SR] Lil Banshee

Item NFTs sold in this round included the following three types. Notably, the Fighting Glove used by Mikuru Asakura appears to be equippable on Mikuru Asakura NFTs:

  • [R] Fighting Glove
  • [R] Momoe, the cat

KENKA 3rd NFT Sale

In the third sale, collaboration NFTs with Yoshihiro Akiyama, a male mixed martial artist from South Korea, were sold:

  • [SSR] “Sexyama” Yoshihiro Akiyama (추성훈)
  • [SR] “Sexyama” Yoshihiro Akiyama (추성훈)
  • [R] “Sexyama” Yoshihiro Akiyama (추성훈)

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Ikki Komiyama Professional Fighter [MMA]
  • [SR] Moeka Ayase [Trainer]
  • [SR] Yin Chunlan [Professional Fighter (Women’s wrestling)]
  • [SR] Row Feng

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] Legendary Mahjong Tile
  • [R] Akina, the cat
  • [R] Master’s Nunchakus

KENKA 4th NFT Sale

The fourth sale featured NFTs in collaboration with influencer Asuka Kirara:

  • [SSR] Asuka Kirara
  • [SR] Asuka Kirara
  • [R] Asuka Kirara

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Justin Cheung
  • [SR] Kiyoshiro Imamiya
  • [SR] Kouga Tsubaki
  • [SR] Ken Takagawa

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] Kirara’s Helmet
  • [R] Kirara’s Jacket
  • [R] KENKA Cap

KENKA 4th NFT Sale: 2nd Half

In the second half of the fourth sale, NFTs in collaboration with MMA fighter Kai Asakura, known as the brother of Mikuru Asakura, were sold:

  • [SSR] Kai Asakura
  • [SR] Kai Asakura
  • [R] Kai Asakura

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Sorashiki Mugi
  • [SR] Shinichi Takegami
  • [SR] Bunta Otomo
  • [SR] Doge King

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] DBX 400F 2nd
  • [R] Steel Pipe
  • [R] GCAKE Dog

KENKA 5th NFT Sale

The fifth sale featured NFTs in collaboration with Kiyoharu, a rock star known for his work with the Japanese rock band SADS:

  • [SSR] Kiyoharu
  • [SR] Kiyoharu
  • [R] Kiyoharu

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Heart Queen
  • [SR] Ray Vicious
  • [SR] mymy

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] Kiyoharu’s Guitar
  • [R] Kiyoharu’s Bracelet
  • [R] KENKA Smoking Pipe
  • [UC] Outdoor Knife
  • [UC] Baton
  • [UC] Bamboo Sword
  • [UC] Butterfly Knife

KENKA 6th NFT Sale

The sixth sale featured NFTs in collaboration with Rukiya Anpo, the K-1 Super Flyweight Champion, among others:

  • [SSR] Rukiya Anpo
  • [SR] Joly
  • [SR] Teru

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SR] Alex Forio
  • [SR] Arnold Gray
  • [SR] Rinka Ayase [Trainer]

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] Shock Whip
  • [R] Chainsaw
  • [R] GX-RV
  • [UC] SUPER7 Natural Stone
  • [UC] Cross Earrings
  • [UC] Pilot Sunglasses

KENKA 7th NFT Sale

For the seventh sale in KENKA METAVERSE, limited collaboration NFTs featuring the victorious fighters from Breaking Down 6.5 were introduced.

  • [SR] Komeo
  • [SR] Kawashima Yuta
  • [SR] Daiki
  • [SR] Alien Niki
  • [SR] Tomizawa Daichi
  • [SR] Oguchan
  • [SR] Pawel Natsuki

Other character NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [SSR] Shibuya Jin
  • [R] Hiropon

Item NFTs sold were as follows:

  • [R] Tiger Jumper
  • [SR] Victory Plaque
  • [UC] Cross Ring
  • [UC] Lion Pendant
  • [UC] Pepper Spray
  • [UC] Glove-shaped Knuckle Duster

How to Participate in the NFT Sale of KENKA METAVERSE

The NFT sale in KENKA METAVERSE is a bit unique, which might be challenging for beginners.  This is because the NFTs picked up (with increased odds of being selected) vary each day and depend on the type of cryptocurrency sent. In addition, the sale is based on a lottery system, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the NFT you want. Here we will show you how to buy NFTs in KENKA METAVERSE.

Check the Pickup Conditions for the Desired NFT

Unlike a normal NFT sale where you simply pay and know which NFT you get, KENKA METAVERSE operates differently. It uses a lottery system. Users send a fixed amount of cryptocurrency to the organizers, and a lottery is held later to determine which NFTs will be sent to whom. In addition, the NFTs included in the pickup (with increased odds) change based on the date and type of cryptocurrency sent. For example, the table below represents a portion of the 7th Pickup:

DatePickupCryptocurrencyAmount Per Entry
May 30th[SR] DaikiGCAKE100,000,000(BEP20,ERC20,Polygon)
May 31th[SR] Alien NikiXMETA300,000,000(BEP20, ERC20)
June 2nd[SR] Kawashima YutaKENKA24,000,000(BEP20, ERC20)

In this case, for example, if you want to participate in the lottery with a high chance of getting [SR] Daiki, you would need to send 100 million GCAKE to the organizers on May 30th, which will give you one entry into the lottery. 100 million GCAKE is about 27 USDT in November 2023. If you want to participate twice, you would send 200 million GCAKE. Due to this slightly complex system, it’s important to first check which cryptocurrency to send and on which date.

Buying Cryptocurrency

Once you decide which lottery to participate in, the next step is to purchase the cryptocurrency and send it to the organizers. For example, if you need to buy GCAKE cryptocurrency, use exchanges like the following:

  • Bybit
  • MEXC
  • PancakeSwap
  • SushiSwap

Sending Cryptocurrency to the Organizers

The final step is to send the cryptocurrency to the specified address. The address for sending funds will be made public at the start of the sale.


Here are some frequently asked questions about KENKA METAVERSE. While you can find the answers on the official website or by asking directly, it’s also helpful to review the following common questions.

Is it possible to play KENKA METAVERSE for free?

KENKA METAVERSE is free to play, as stated on the official X. However, like many NFT games, it’s common for players who own NFTs to have advantages in strength or earning potential, creating a differentiation from non-paying users. It’s likely that KENKA METAVERSE will follow a similar model.

What Devices Can It Be Played On?

As of now, it has been confirmed that KENKA METAVERSE can be played on both PC and smartphones.


Whether KENKA METAVERSE is a fraudulent project requires careful consideration. However, as mentioned above, the project has published numerous collaborative NFTs with well-known personalities. These personalities have also mentioned the project on [platform], indicating that the collaborations are authorized.

This suggests that KENKA METAVERSE is a project that is trusted by companies associated with these celebrities.

KENKA METAVERSE to be Released This Year!

As a metaverse project using the popular app game Kenka-Do, KENKA METAVERSE is attracting a lot of attention. The game is scheduled to be released within 2023. With collaborations with Japanese celebrities such as Asuka Kirara and Mikuru Asakura, many users are eagerly awaiting its release. Please get excited and keep an eye out for the latest updates until the game launches.