KENKA Metaverse

Celebrate with us at the KENKA New Year Festival, an event brimming with excitement and unique NFT offerings. Dive into a digital world where gaming and blockchain technology intersect.

Event Details You Need to Know

  • When: January 9, 2024, 3:00 PM to January 17, 2024, 2:59 PM (UTC)
  • Where: Pancake Games NFT
  • Entry Requirement: A minimum of 2,500,000 KENKA

NFTs and Prizes

Kouzi, a celebrated fighter in K-1 and RIZIN, now enters the KENKA universe. Engage with his various NFT forms and relive his remarkable battles.

NFT NameCollection TypeSINGLE GACHA Probability111×GACHA Probability
Kouzi SSRCharacter0.005%0.008%
Kouzi SRCharacter0.025%0.04%
Kouzi RCharacter0.3%0.5%
Special LB Item for SRItem0.02%0.04%
Mitsuki SRCharacter0.025%0.04%
Toranosuke Ichimura SRCharacter0.025%0.04%
Special LB Item for RItem0.1%0.3%
Mitsuki RNo imageCharacter0.3%0.5%
Toranosuke Ichimura RNo imageCharacter0.3%0.5%
Mitsuki UCNo imageCharacter2.2%4%
Toranosuke Ichimura UCNo imageCharacter2.2%4%
The Wild Shiba Inu(Doge)Item15.750%15.005%
Yoroshiku SpecialItem15.750%15.005%
Boss`s LongItem15.750%15.005%
Tiger SukajyanItem15.750%15.005%
Master’s nunchakusItem15.750%15.005%

Participate Now: How To Join

  1. Set up your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. Buy KENKA Coin on CEX or DEX. Detailed guide here.
  3. Transfer KENKA Coin to MetaMask.
  4. Send KENKA Coin to the designated event address.

Exciting Gacha Offers Awaiting You

  1. Single Gacha: Join with 2,500,000 KENKA at address: 0xe2Bd6CcBED1d5f635c015b1fE546C81980d50f30
  2. 111x Gacha: Enjoy 11 extra spins for 250,000,000 KENKA at address: 0xAF7279Ce02d529A3f63c4012405f8b0177005D4f
  3. KENKA8TH and KENKA8THPremium: Participate at address: 0x110e227E5546B959c404C7Ecc23e66B5c194b722

Special Offers Just for You

  • Exclusive lottery for Kouzi SSR BROTHER, Kouzi SR TRAINER, and KENKA9THPremium with 111-spin Gacha.
  • A guaranteed KENKA9TH for future sales with each 111-spin Gacha.

Important Notes and Warnings

  • Use self-custodial wallets like MetaMask.
  • No refunds post-participation.
  • NFT designs are subject to change.
  • Specific rules apply for KENKA8TH and KENKA8THPremium.
  • Check here for LB item details.

Conclusion: A World of Opportunity

The KENKA New Year Festival is a unique blend of excitement and innovation. Join us for a chance to win rare NFTs and be part of a groundbreaking event.

Don’t miss this chance. Prepare your MetaMask, get your KENKA Coin, and step into the thrilling world of KENKA. Visit Pancake Games NFT now and join the celebration!