KENKA LAND 11th SALE: Top Rankers Can Win Asuka Kirara LB Item Shop!

KENKA Metaverse

KENKA Metaverse’s LAND SALE is back, and it’s the 11th round already!

  • Sale Period: From May 3, 12:00 PM, until May 5, 11:59 AM (UTC)
  • Participation available with USDT/BUSD/USDC.
  • Minimum bid is $390

So make sure to have enough funds in your wallet to join in on the fun.

How to parrticipate?

You can learn how to participate this LAND SALE on the article below:

Participation Benefit

What’s more, participating in this LAND SALE also comes with exciting benefits. If you take part in the sale, you will receive two different types of benefits:

2 KENKABOX & KENKA LAND-R, which will be distributed to all wallet addresses that have participated in the LAND SALE.

If you’re among the top 10 winners, you get to buy PancakeGames INFINITY BOX #PGIB with a 10% discount.

What is LB Item Shop

But wait, what is an LB Item Shop?

By owning one on a revenue-generating LAND, you can receive a portion of the sales of LB items sold in-game. Additionally, each LB Item Shop has its own unique set of items for sale.

LB Shop eligible characters

This time, there are three LB Shops available, one for each city, that sells specific products only for specific characters. Here are the LB Shop eligible characters:

🥇1st PlaceLB Shop PhoenixAsuka Kirara [SSR]
Asuka Kirara [SR]
Asuka Kirara[R]
Other common/un-common
🥈2nd PlaceLB Shop Yellow DragonKomiyama Ikki[SR]
Yin Chunlan[SR]
Row Feng[SR]
Other common/un-common
🥉3rd PlaceLB Shop Spirit TurtleIchinose Mashiro [SR]
Ogata Tetsuya [SR]
Paul Leoni[SR]
Other common/un-common


If you missed the 11th round, don’t worry! The 12th and 13th rounds are scheduled for May 12-14 and May 22-24, respectively. So, mark your calendars, get your wallets ready, and join the LAND SALE for a chance to win exciting prizes and benefits in the KENKA Metaverse!

KENKA LAND 12th SALE5/12 12:00 PM-5/14 11:59 AM(UTC)Asakura Mikuru [SSR]
Asakura Mikuru [SR]
Asakura Mikuru [R]
Miyajima Sho [SR]
Sorashiki Mugi[SR] mymy[SR]
Shindo Kana [SR]
Ethan ‘Gale’ Fox[SR]
Sudo Akane[SR]
Takeshima Daisuke[SR]
KENKA LAND 13th SALE5/22 12:00 PM – 5/24 11:59 AM (UTC)Kiyoharu[SSR]
Komiyama Shinji [SR]
Ayase Moeka[SR]
Ayase Rinka[SR]
Justin Cheung[SR]
Imamiya Kyoshiro[SR]
Kouga Tsubaki[SR]
Takagawa Ken[SR]


KENKA Metaverse is a revolutionary RPG game that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of underground fighting while earning cryptocurrency. The game is inspired by the popular Japanese game “喧嘩道” (Kenka Do), which has amassed over 1.5 million downloads within four years of its release. By leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, KENKA Metaverse expands on the original game’s combat-based RPG world, offering a unique play-to-earn experience.

NameKENKA Metaverse