XENO Launches Large-Scale Advertising Campaign Across Japan


Project XENO, the NFT game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency through PvP battles, has launched a large-scale advertising campaign in Japan, a country known for its strict regulations on cryptocurrency.

The campaign includes TV commercials that will air in various regions of Japan, as well as specially painted XENO-branded trains that will run through Tokyo.

This move marks the second time in Japan that an NFT game has launched such an extensive promotional effort.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Project XENO’s ambitious promotional campaign in Japan.

Major Advertising Campaign Launched Across Japan

Major Advertising Campaign Launched Across Japan

Project XENO has announced that a TV commercial campaign will be broadcast in the Kanto, Kansai, and Fukuoka regions starting October 18, 2023, as part of a large-scale advertising campaign in Japan. 

In addition to the TV commercials, the Shibuya 13-face Synchrovision Jack, located near the busy Shibuya Station, which serves approximately 2.5 million people daily, will show a Project XENO movie for 30 seconds twice every hour at the intersection. 

Not only that, the special trains will run on major lines in Tokyo and advertising trucks will run near Shibuya and Shinjuku. Taxi commercials will also run in the heart of Tokyo.

Ad Campaign Commemorative Giveaway

To commemorate the launch of this advertising campaign, a 10 million yen gift certificate giveaway will also be organized.

Campaign Participation Criteria

  1. Download and run PROJECT XENO for free: https://app.adjust.com/106kebag
  2. Follow the official XENO Twitter (@PROJECTXENO_JP) and repost.
  3. Submit an application using the following form: https://forms.gle/D7aR9CH8k8xbs7um9

Application deadline: 30, Nov. 23:59 (JST)

Why is This Campaign Remarkable? A Look Back at Previous GameFi Ads in Japan

Japan may seem like a cryptocurrency powerhouse, ranking 10th in the world in terms of cryptocurrency assets.

However, a closer look reveals that the general population has yet to fully embrace blockchain technology and the web3.

The investment-focused image and associated scam fears have hindered the birth of blockchain ventures, further exacerbated by strict regulations imposed by the Japanese government.

Until now, there has been no significant advertising for NFT games.

Although an NFT card game called CryptoSpells aired television commercials from May to June 2020, they were limited to the Kanto region.

Unlike previous efforts, Project XENO’s campaign covers three major Japanese regions: Kanto, Kansai, and Fukuoka.

This, along with the airing of the Shibuya commercial, is undoubtedly exciting for NFT players and marks a new milestone in the NFT game industry, achieving what previous NFT games couldn’t.

Future Prospects

The advertising campaign is expected to significantly increase Project XENO’s awareness in Japan.

In addition to massive advertising efforts such as TV commercials, various marketing activities are underway, including collaborations with popular Japanese YouTuber Hikaru and legendary former professional boxer Mayweather.

On a global scale, promising developments such as the partnership with YGG Philippines are on the horizon, fueling further anticipation for what’s to come from Project XENO!