Exciting Updates Coming to PROJECT XENO: New Value to GENESIS and New Class!


If you’re a fan of PROJECT XENO, the Japanese NFT game that blends GameFi with esports in an exhilarating 3v3 PvP battle arena, then hold onto your hats because fresh updates are on the horizon! Let’s dive in.

Fresh Value to GENESIS NFTs

From Season 4 onwards, the “G-coin Token Pool” will make its appearance. If you’re a GENESIS holder, rejoice! You will be granted G-coins. But here’s a distinction worth noting: this isn’t your typical EARN from battle victories.

G-coins are distinct from U-coins, which are earned during arena battles. With the addition of a “Hold to Earn” element, by simply having GENESIS, you’ll be able to obtain G-coins. These will operate in a separate framework.

And what can you do with these G-coins?

G Coin :

  • XENO Training
  • Skill Card Level Up
  • Item Purchase
  • Open NFT-BOX

If you wish, they can also be converted into GXE.

Worried about the U-coin Token Pool dwindling? Fear not. The quantity of the U-coin Token Pool remains unchanged. Since the G-coin Token Pool will operate independently, players holding GENESIS will experience an additional earning boost.

Enhanced Value of GENESIS 5S

The higher the rank of your GENESIS, the more G-coins you’ll amass.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • GENESIS 5: Base value
  • GENESIS 4: 1.1 times
  • GENESIS 3: 1.2 times
  • GENESIS 2: 1.3 times
  • GENESIS 1, GS, and 5S: Double the amount!

By the way, what are GENESIS NFTs?

These are extremely rare NFTs, and there is a predetermined issuance limit for each class. In addition to the usual XENO capabilities, GENESIS has a unique passive skill equipped as standard that enhances its “EARN” ability. This allows it to acquire a significant number of tokens during battles. Recently, there has been an opportunity to obtain GENESIS 5 and 5S NFTs during the “MEGA MAN” collaboration.

Who Qualifies for the G-coin AirDrop?

If you’re among the elite holding a Platinum rank or higher within the GXE partners, you’re in line for the G-coin AirDrop. Furthermore, this AirDrop is exclusively aimed at GENESIS NFTs that haven’t been listed throughout the season, and you can anticipate a sizable distribution after the season concludes.

A Brand-New Class is Emerging in November 2023: The Necromancer

When one hears the name “NECROMANCER,” images of dark arts and connections with the deceased immediately come to mind. Drawing from traditional gaming tropes, it’s tempting to speculate that this mysterious character might have the ability to resurrect fallen XENO or at the very least, wield skills related to the afterlife. Moreover, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that they could potentially siphon HP from foes.

While recovery skills have already been implemented in certain psychics and guardians within the game, a unique revival-centric skill set remains absent. This opens up a realm of exciting possibilities for the NECROMANCER’s abilities. As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on upcoming announcements!