PROJECT XENO | Season 4 Changes Reviewed


PROJECT XENO has implemented a new update for Season 4. This update affects skill cards across multiple classes, including the weakening of SAMURAI and the strengthening of GUARDIAN.

It is also impossible to consider this season without the introduction of the new class, ‘Necromancer’.

Key Balance Adjustments in Season 4

Let’s take a look at the adjustments made to each class and the points of interest.

SAMURAI Weakening

The SAMURAI, a popular XENO class due to its high HP and attack power, as well as strong area attacks, has been weakened in Season 4. Specifically, the ‘Malice’ status ailment removal effect has been weakened, and the damage increase rate from ‘Meditaion’ has been reduced by 40%.

Not only has the ability to remove debuffs like electrification and BURN been lost, but the recovery from poison and stun has also been changed from a complete recovery to a reduction of three turns in status duration.

This means that the powerful SAMURAI, previously strong with debuff removal & area attacks, has been slightly weakened. Moreover, the 40% decrease in ‘Meditation’s damage increase rate is significant. I often used the area attack from meditation, so I am considering strengthening classes other than SAMURAI.

GUARDIAN Strengthening

The most strengthened this time is probably GUARDIAN. GUARDIAN’s ‘Little Archer’ has increased its attack power by 30%. Also noteworthy is the strengthening of ‘Omega’. ‘Omega’ is a powerful GUARDIAN skill that sacrifices other summon units to summon a strong single unit. The cost has been reduced from 4 to 3, and ‘Omega’ can now attack from the turn it is summoned, plus its HP has increased by 10%.

Personally, I think this ‘Omega’ enhancement will significantly strengthen the summon unit party. Especially as mentioned later, when combined with the skills of the new character, Necromancer, added this time, a powerful summon unit party can be formed.

Class Killer Enhancement

From this Season 4, passive skills such as SAMURAI Killer and BREAKER Killer have been increased by 5~10%. In the future, the inheritance feature of XENO will be utilized, making passive skills more important than ever and expanding the range of strategies.

The Arrival of the New Class Necromancer

The new Necromancer class was introduced in November. This class has the ability to bend traditional combat rules, employing undying summon units, resurrecting allies, and giving instant death effects to enemies, making it an unconventional class. As written in a previous producer’s letter, this is a change that will completely transform the existing playstyle of XENO.

As a new character class, the tactics and strategies for the Necromancer are still in flux, and players around the world are adapting and experimenting with its unique skill set.


Q1: What changes have been made to the SAMURAI class in Season 4?

A1: The SAMURAI class has been weakened; the status ailment removal effect from “Malice” has been reduced, and the damage increase rate from “Meditation” has been decreased by 40%.

Q2: Which skills of the GUARDIAN class have been strengthened?

A2: The attack power of “Little Archer” has been increased by 30%, and the “Omega” skill has had its cost reduced from 4 to 3, now allowing it to attack from the turn it’s summoned, with an additional 10% HP increase.

Q3: What are the characteristics of the new Necromancer class?

A3: The Necromancer is an unconventional class that can employ undying summon units, resurrect allies, and apply instant death effects to enemies, bending the traditional rules of combat.

Q4: How have the Class Killer skills been changed?

A4: Passive skills such as SAMURAI Killer and BREAKER Killer have been increased by 5-10%. With the utilization of XENO’s inheritance feature, the importance of passive skills has become more significant than ever.

Q5: How might the Season 4 update affect players’ strategies?

A5: With the weakening of the SAMURAI class, strengthening of the GUARDIAN class, and the addition of the new Necromancer class, players may need to develop new tactics or revise existing strategies, potentially leading to significant shifts in the game’s meta.


These adjustments have the potential to bring significant changes to the game’s meta (strategy trends), forcing players to develop new tactics or revise existing ones. Especially in classes like SAMURAI and GUARDIAN, changes to durability and attack power are notable, and these changes are likely to have a direct impact on match outcomes.

With each update, the balance of the game shifts in a new direction. As a player, it is important to quickly catch up with these changes and optimize your deck. Let’s all develop new tactics and enjoy the new vibe of the game!