Unwrapping the Festive Excitement: Xmas XENO BOX Event in Project XENO


Project XENO, celebrated for its play-to-earn NFT model, is launching a special Christmas event with the release of the opulent Xmas XENO BOX.

Christmas Day Event: Xmas XENO BOX

  • Date and Offering: On December 25th, Christmas Day, a unique distribution of the Xmas XENO BOX is set.
  • GENESIS NFT Opportunity: This offers participants a chance to win exclusive GENESISNFTs.

Types of NFT BOX

Types of NFT BOX

Deluxe Xmas XENO BOX:

GENESIS NFTs: Three fortunate players will win GENESIS1, GENESIS2, and GENESIS3 NFTs.

Benefits: Others will receive standard NFTXENO packed with features like immediate readiness for tournament mode and guaranteed passive skills at level 7 or above.

Eligibility: Applicable for users who logged in from December 1st to 24th and participated in the “Brehiro Collaboration” sale using MM currency.

Standard Xmas XENO BOX:

GENESIS NFTs: A chance to obtain GENESIS4 and GENESIS5 NFTs.

Eligibility: Open to users who logged in during the same period and did not participate in the Brehiro gacha purchase.

Additional Campaign

G-Coin Cashback for Unboxing Videos: Players posting their Xmas XENO BOX unboxing videos on Twitter with the hashtag #XENOChristmas can enter a draw. Five winners will get a cashback of the G-coins used for unboxing (note: these are non-withdrawable).


What is G-Coin?

This in-game currency in Project XENO serves multiple purposes such as raising creatures, leveling up skill cards, and purchasing items. G Coins can be bought with a credit card or exchanged for GXE cryptocurrency.

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What is NFT BOX

In Project XENO, NFT BOXes contain XENO, CHARM, or WEAPON NFTs, each enhancing gameplay in unique ways. They must be unboxed within seven days of acquisition, using G-coins, and are sellable two weeks after unboxing.

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What is Brave Frontier Versus Collaboration

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In PROJECT XENO, GENESIS NFTs are sought after for their battle earning enhancement, passive G-coin income, and rarity due to limited issuance.

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Project XENO‘s Christmas celebration brings exclusive NFT BOXes, providing opportunities to win GENESIS NFTs and other rewards. The event features both Deluxe and Standard BOXes tailored to various player engagements, plus a special G-Coin cashback offer for sharing unboxing videos. This event adds a layer of excitement to the game’s play-to-earn environment, offering players unique enhancement and reward opportunities.