What is PROJECT XENO’s New Feature “Inheritance”?


Good news for PROJECT XENO players. The much-anticipated new feature, “Inheritance,” has been announced to be implemented on November 22.

This new feature will allow players to enjoy a more strategic gameplay experience.

So, what exactly is this “Inheritance” feature? Let’s take a look.

PROJECT XENO | What is the New Feature “Inheritance”?

Players will be able to inherit special skills from different XENOs to their favorite XENO. This includes Special Skills, Passive Skills, and XENO Levels.

For example:
You can inherit Level 25, the Special Skill “Evil Vigour,” and the Passive Skills “Iron Guard Lv.10” and “Battle Sense Lv.10” from a previously nurtured SAMURAI to a newly acquired Level 1 SAMURAI.

As you can see from the image, by spending 6000 U-Coins, not only levels but also skills can be inherited, enhancing the customizability of XENOs.

However, after inheritance, the original XENO will be “BURNED.” This will reduce the number of XENOs in the market, potentially increasing the value of XENO NFTs.

PROJECT XENO | Additional Updates to the New Feature “Inheritance”

Additionally, as of November 14, the following updates have been announced:

  • Inheritance of Collab XENOs: Collab XENOs will be able to inherit all but their Special Skills to other XENOs.
  • Utilization of EARN Gauge: Collab XENOs can be used as charge material for the EARN gauge, but there will be no gauge recovery when using the inheritance feature.

These updates are expected to increase the value of collaboration NFTs, such as Megaman.

However, there are still questions in the current announcement. For example, is the cost of inheritance 3000 U-Coins per skill, totaling 6000 U-Coins for two, or is it 6000 U-Coins regardless of one or two?

Also, can Passive Skill 1 only inherit Passive Skill 1 from the source, or can it inherit Passive Skill 2 as well?

Further information or release details are eagerly awaited.

PROJECT XENO | New Feature “Inheritance” Q&A

Q1: What is PROJECT XENO’s “Inheritance” feature?

A1: The “Inheritance” feature allows players to inherit Special Skills, Passive Skills, and XENO Levels from different XENOs to their preferred XENO.

Q2: When will the “Inheritance” feature be implemented?

A2: Initially scheduled for November 15, the “Inheritance” feature is now set to be implemented on November 22.

Q3: What kind of customizations are possible with the “Inheritance” feature?

A3: It’s possible to inherit not just one, but multiple skills and levels between XENOs of the same class. For example, you can inherit skills and levels from a Level 25 SAMURAI to a Level 1 SAMURAI.

Q4: How much does it cost to use the inheritance feature?

A4: According to the image, 6000 U-Coins are needed to use the inheritance feature, but specific cost details are still awaited.

Q5: What impact does the “Inheritance” feature have on the number and value of XENOs in the market?

A5: After inheritance, the original XENO is “BURNED,” reducing the number of XENOs in the market. This is expected to increase the value of XENO NFTs.

PROJECT XENO | Summary of the New Feature “Inheritance”

This new feature “Inheritance” is set to significantly transform the player experience in the XENO game. With increased customizability, players can create XENOs that suit their strategies and preferences. The anticipation for the implementation on November 22 is high!