Sky Frontier’s First LAND Sale: Discover Sea of Clouds and Exclusive Tsubaki Rewards


Sky Frontier will start 1st LAND sale! This article looks at the sale details, which will occur from April 13th!

LAND Guide: Explore and Expand Your Sky Frontier

Sky Island LAND allows earning through usage fees and content admission fees. Exclusive materials from Sky Island LAND can create valuable NFTs.

Different materials are obtained based on the island’s characteristics, motivating users to utilize other players’ Sky Island LANDs and increasing their value.


LAND comes in six rarity levels; higher rarity means more materials and better chances of getting rare items. Special vacant LANDs let you build unique landmarks.


Combine same-rarity LANDs to expand, receiving a bonus vacant LAND. Even with different characteristics, up to four LANDs of the same rarity can be combined. Expanding ★4+ or higher LAND to the max yields a special vacant LAND.


Link your LAND with others to form islands, increasing collection bonuses and enabling material trading between islands. Expect more island content in the future.


Higher LAND levels improve material acquisition and facility unlocking. To raise levels, engage in the daily collection and use of materials.


Each LAND has unique traits that determine the materials you can obtain, which are used for constructing facilities, upgrading, and leveling up LAND.


Construct various facilities on vacant LAND, such as residential buildings for crew members and training centers for strengthening.

Special Facilities

Build landmarks and special facilities like towers to obtain exclusive materials or charge fees to other adventurers.


SKY FRONTIER, an action RPG, will host a LAND SALE through POINT BATTLE. Here’s a quick guide on how to participate and secure LAND:

  1. The POINT BATTLE event allows participants to acquire LAND based on their SF POINT ranking. To earn SF POINTS, send transactions during the event period.
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the SKY FRONTIER SALE site to join the POINT BATTLE.
  3. Send USDT (BSC20) transactions to earn SF POINTS. A random multiplier (between 1 and 20) will be applied to each transaction.
  4. Your final SF POINT ranking determines the rarity of the LAND you receive.
  5. Daily Ambassador Rewards are given based on daily transaction amounts, not SF POINTS.

How to check your SF POINT

To check your current SF POINT amount and ranking, open the POINT BATTLE page and connect your wallet. Once your wallet is connected correctly, your SF POINT and ranking will be displayed at the top of the page. You can view the SF POINT amounts and rewards for top-ranked users by clicking the ranking details or land details buttons.

Remember to connect your MetaMask wallet, use the BSC20 chain, and send transactions from your wallet.

Sky Frontier’s Exciting LAND Sale Event: Rewards, Bonuses, and More!

The Sky Frontier LAND Sale event, from April 13th (3:00 AM UTC) to April 15th (2:59:59 PM UTC), is an exciting opportunity to win rewards, ranking bonuses, and participation benefits.

With a minimum entry of $500, you can be a part of this thrilling event. The ranking system offers valuable LAND prizes, including ★5 to ★2 Sea of Cloud LANDs, depending on your position.

Numerous bonus opportunities are available, such as the Daily Ambassador Bonus, which rewards the top senders from the previous day’s transfer amount at 3:00 PM UTC.

Prizes include 5TH-S Tickets, [S] Tsubaki, Rare Weapons, and N Characters based on your ranking.

Additionally, the Last Day Early Bonus takes place on the final day at 12:00 PM UTC, with rewards given to participants whose transfer times are closest to 12:00 PM UTC.

The Sliding Bonus is for those who initially rank outside the top 100 but manage to rank within the top 100 by the final rankings, earning Tsubaki and a 5TH Ticket.

The number of times you participate in the LAND Sale determines your Participation Benefits, such as 1 SFBOX for participating once or a 5TH Ticket for participating twice.

Consecutive Participation Benefits reward loyal players who participate in the sale multiple times. For instance, participating 1-3 times grants a bonus item, including PGIB or a Land-exclusive S character.

Further details regarding the lottery and other aspects of the event will be announced later. Don’t miss out on this engaging LAND Sale event with abundant rewards, bonuses, and exciting opportunities!