Sky Frontier 2nd Land Sale: Exciting Rewards and Opportunities Await


Sky Frontier is back with its second Land Sale event, offering a range of rewards and exclusive perks for participants!!!

  • SALE: From April 20, 3:00 AM, until April 22, 2:59 PM (UTC)
  • Minimum bid: 500 USDT(BSC20)
  • LAND: “Dry Green”

What is Sky Frontier’s LAND SALE?

Sky Frontier, a Play-to-Earn blockchain game by BIG BANG and Pancake Games, offers an RPG experience where players earn GSKY currency.

Sky Island LAND generates revenue and valuable NFTs for players. The POINT BATTLE event awards LAND based on SF POINT rankings, earned by sending transactions during the event.

For participation details, see the 1st LAND SALE article.

Rewards, Bonuses, and [S]Aries

Here are some fantastic bonuses and Rewards for participating in this LAND SALE.

  • Daily Ambassador Bonus
  • Last Day Early Bonus
  • Participation Benefits
  • LAND Sale Consecutive Participation Benefits

Daily Ambassador Bonus

Daily Ambassador Bonus “S-Rare Aries” will be awarded during the event. The 100 participants with the highest total transfer amounts from the previous day will receive benefits. The rewards include 5TH Tickets, Aries, and rare weapons or N characters.

  • 1st: 5TH-S Ticket+[S]Aries+Choose Rare Weapon or N Character
  • 2-3rd: 5TH Ticket+[S]Aries
  • 4-10th: 5TH Ticket+Aries
  • 11-100th: 5TH Ticket Mini+Aries

Last Day Early Bonus

On the last day (April 22), an Early Bonus will be held at 12:00 PM UTC. Participants with transfer times closest to 12:00 PM UTC will be selected. One entry will be given for each transfer.

Participation Benefits

Participation Benefits will be granted according to the number of times participants join the Land Sale:

  1. Once: 1 SFBOX
  2. Twice: 1 5TH Ticket

LAND Sale Consecutive Participation Benefits

For those who participate in consecutive Land Sales, the following rewards will be given:

1-3 straight participations: 1 bonus item, including PGIB or Land-exclusive S characters (random draw)

The Sliding Bonus has been discontinued for this event.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the Sky Frontier and enjoy the exclusive rewards that come with it!