SKY FRONTIER’s 10th LAND SALE: Ruin Land & Rully,



Welcome to the exciting 10th LAND SALE event on SKY FRONTIER! This time, unique LAND of “Ruin Land” is up for grabs. What’s more, we’re introducing Rully, available ONLY during this LAND sale.

[SKY FRONTIER] How to Participate?

The sale period is from June 29, 3:00 AM UTC to July 1, 2:59:59 PM UTC, and you can participate from minimum 400 billion GSKY.

This LAND SALE will take the form of a POINT BATTLE; for more information on the POINT BATTLE, see this article.

[SKY FRONTIER] Bid and Rarity

During the Land Sale, bidders will be rewarded based on their rank in the final leaderboard. Ranging from ★1 as the lowest rarity to ★5 as the highest, the ranking rewards are as follows:

Every 10th place★4Land
From 11-100th place★3Land
After 101st:★2Land

[SKY FRONTIER] Daily Ambassador Bonus: Rully

Every day at 2:59:59 PM UTC, top contributors from the previous day’s transfer amounts will receive a Daily Ambassador Bonus.

1st5TH-S Ticket+[S]Rully+Choose Rare Weapon or N Character
2-3rd5TH Ticket+[S]Rully
4-10th5TH Ticket+Rully
11-100th5TH Ticket Mini+Rully

[SKY FRONTIER] Last Day Early Bonus

Keep an eye out for the Last Day Early Bonus, held on the FINAL DAY at 12:00 PM UTC. Transfers closest to this time have a chance to win Rully or Rully+5TH Ticket.

one entry3 winnersRully
three entries2 winnersRully + 5TH Ticket

[SKY FRONTIER] Participation Benefits & LAND Sale Consecutive

Participate in the LAND Sale and reap the rewards! Benefits will be given depending on the number of participations in this LAND Sale. For instance, making one bid earns a participant 1 SFBOX, while two bids earn a 5TH Ticket.

If you participate in all June land sales, you’ll receive one bonus item, including PGIB or a Land-exclusive S character.

[SKY FRONTIER] Conclusion

This LAND SALE is a unique opportunity to expand your experience on SKY FRONTIER. Whether it’s the chance to own a piece of “Ruin Land”, bring Rully into your collection, or win a range of incredible rewards, there’s plenty of reasons to join in. Stay tuned for more updates and happy bidding!


SKY FRONTIER is a blockchain game developed and operated by BIG BANG, a Japanese company in partnership with Pancake Games. The game is developed as a multi-hunting RPG where players aim to defeat giant monsters and are primarily based on “Play to Earn,” allowing players to earn the in-game currency, “GSKY”.

NameSky Frontier