Get Unique LAND and Special Character in SKY FRONTIER’s 5th LAND SALE!


Are you ready for the 5th SKY FRONTIER LAND SALE?

This time, it’s a sale of Unique LAND of sea of clouds, and a special character named “Tsubaki” is available exclusively for the sale.

USDT are required to participate in this sale! Please note that!

  • SALE Period : May 11th 3:00 AM – May 13th 2:59:59 AM UTC
  • Minimum bid: 500 $USDT
  • LAND: “Sea of Clouds”

[SKY FRONTIER] How to Participate?

This LAND SALE will take the form of a POINT BATTLE; for more information on the POINT BATTLE, see this article.

[SKY FRONTIER] Bid and Rarity

The sale period is from May 11th 3:00 AM – May 13th 2:59:59 AM (UTC), and the bid can be made using $USDT.

The top-ranked participants will receive different rarities of lands as rewards.

Every 10th place★4Land
From 11-100th place★3Land
After 101st: ★2Land

[SKY FRONTIER] Daily Ambassador Bonus

In addition to the ranking rewards, there’s also a daily ambassador bonus where you can get rewards based on the amount you send. The top-ranked player will get a 5TH-S ticket and [S] Tsubaki!!

This is last chance you can get Tsubaki!!

1st5TH-S Ticket+[S]Tsubaki+Choose Rare Weapon or N Character
2-3rd5TH Ticket+[S]Tsubaki
4-10th5TH Ticket+Tsubaki
11-100th5TH Ticket Mini+Tsubaki

You can check your status here, and if you become 1st plaece on daily bonus, you should submit the form below.

Google Forms: Sign-in
Access Google Forms with a personal Google account or Google Workspace account (for business use).

Please submit the Twitter/ Address/Screen shot of your wallet/ Character or the weapon you want to get.

[SKY FRONTIER] Last Day Early Bonus

A last-day early bonus will also be held at 12:00 PM UTC on the FINAL DAY. The person whose transfer time is closer to 12:00 PM UTC will be selected. One sending counts as one entry, and three sendings count as three entries.

one entry3 winnersTsubaki
three entries2 winnersTsubaki + 5TH Ticket

[SKY FRONTIER] Participation Benefits&LAND Sale Consecutive

Even if you don’t win any ranking rewards, there are still benefits for participating in the LAND SALE. Participants who join once will receive an SFBOX, and those who join twice will get a 5TH ticket.

If you participate in all the LAND SALES in May, including this one, you will receive a bonus of your choice from PGIB and LAND exclusive S characters.

[SKY FRONTIER] Conclusion

In conclusion, the 5th SKY FRONTIER LAND SALE is now underway, featuring unique LAND of the sea of clouds and a special character named “Tsubaki,” available exclusively for sale.

The sale period runs from May 11th to May 13th, and bids must be made using $USDT. The top-ranked participants will receive different rarities of lands as rewards, and there are also daily ambassador bonuses and a last-day early bonus to be won.

Even if you don’t win any ranking prizes, participation benefits are still available. Good luck!


SKY FRONTIER is a blockchain game developed and operated by BIG BANG, a Japanese company in partnership with Pancake Games. The game is developed as a multi-hunting RPG where players aim to defeat giant monsters and are primarily based on “Play to Earn,” allowing players to earn the in-game currency, “GSKY”.

NameSky Frontier