What is PGIB(PancakeGames INFINITY BOX): PancakeGames’ Revolutionary Box-NFT


Welcome to an easy-to-understand guide about PGIB (PancakeGames INFINITY BOX), a new kind of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) offered by PancakeGames. Let’s learn about what makes it interesting!

The Essence of PGIB


PGIB stands for PancakeGames INFINITY BOX. it’s a Box-NFT that aims to bring boundless joy to GCAKERS and foster excitement within the gaming community.

Benefits of holding PGIB

Holding a PGIB provides exclusive benefits. Unlike traditional boxes, PGIB does not require an opening.

Merely owning this remarkable Box-NFT grants access to rewards, including exclusive NFTs, tokens, and sale tickets.

Limited Supply and Strategic Allocation of PGIB

PGIB is an NFT supported on the Polygon chain and will be tradable on OpenSea.

With a strict limit of 2,000 units, PGIB is an exclusive and finite asset. NFT allocations are as follows.

  • Sale 44.5%
  • Airdrop 13%
  • Development 10%
  • Marketing 10%
  • Strategic Partner 10%
  • collab giveaway 10%
  • Free mint 2.5%

Unveiling the Exciting Benefits

People who have PGIB can expect to receive a lot of attractive benefits.

The first of the special offers revealed was the SKY FRONTIER characters. Over six months, commencing in July, unique characters like [UC] Ageel, [UC] Value, and [UC] Zaid will be distributed.

Watch for forthcoming announcements on the characters for October to December. There is much excitement to come!

[UC] Ageel: https://twitter.com/NFTpancakegames/status/1654118856636637184?s=20
[UC] Value: https://twitter.com/NFTpancakegames/status/1654118856636637184?s=20
[UC] Zaid: https://twitter.com/NFTpancakegames/status/1654118856636637184?s=20

Maximizing Benefits from PGIB: Key Points to Know

Of course, we have seen the benefits of owning a PGIB. But you want to maximize the benefits anyway, don’t you?

Here are some tips from official Twitter posts so far.

Staking Benefits and Enhanced Privileges

Holders who stake their GCAKE in the 360 Pool can get more rewards.

The GCAKE 360 is a staking pool on TTX Finance. It provides a valuable opportunity for GCAKE holders to utilize their tokens effectively. By participating in this protocol, developed in partnership by Pancake Games and TTX, users can earn long-term benefits.

For those new to GCAKE, acquiring this digital asset is essential. Multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and centralized exchanges (CEXs) offer GCAKE.

Navigating TTX Finance may seem complex, but worry not. A comprehensive guide is available to help users seamlessly deposit their GCAKE tokens into the GCAKE 360 Pool, unlocking its full potential.

While precise details are yet to be revealed, additional rewards await these staking participants.

What Makes Each NFT Box Number Special

Each PGIB has a unique number. These numbers determine their group, with specific numbers holding amazing benefits.

For instance, NFT boxes with single-digit numbers, repeated numbers (such as 555), or milestone numbers (like 100) receive more rewards.

This adds an element of excitement and distinction to the PGIB ownership experience.

How to get PGIB??

PGIB can be obtained through various channels. Notably, participants in SKY FRONTIER LAND SALE and KENKA Metaverse’s LAND SALE have had the opportunity to get PGIB as a special reward.

The official PancakeGames Twitter account [@NFTpancakegames] regularly hosts PGIB battles. Participants compete for the highest transaction value by sending tokens to the designated address.

The most recent event was hosted on May 16th.

The Countdown to Distribution

In summary, the PGIB Box-NFT offers unique benefits and exclusive rewards to its holders, creating a dynamic, interactive experience within the PancakeGames community. Embrace this adventure into the boundless world of gaming and NFTs and discover the joy of Pancake Games!

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