SKY FRONTIER’s 6th LAND SALE: How to Participate and what you can get?



  • SKY FRONTIER is having its 6th LAND SALE featuring unique “Dry Green” lands and introducing the character ‘Aries,’ available only during this event.
  • This LAND SALE offers various benefits based on participation and rankings, with multiple prizes, including tickets, bonus items, and unique characters.
  • Start: May 25th, 03:00 AM UTC
    End: May 27th, 14:59:59 PM UTC

[SKY FRONTIER] How to Participate?

Participation in the SKY FRONTIER 6th LAND SALE is simple and begins from 500 USDT. The sale period is from May 25th, 03:00 AM UTC to May 27th, 14:59:59 PM UTC.

This LAND SALE will take the form of a POINT BATTLE; for more information on the POINT BATTLE, see this article.

Land available for purchase can be found on the SKY FRONTIER LAND SALE special site.

[SKY FRONTIER] Bid and Rarity

Based on the bid ranking, participants can win lands of different rarity, with ★5 being the highest and ★1 the lowest.

Every 10th place★4Land
From 11-100th place★3Land
After 101st: ★2Land

[SKY FRONTIER] Daily Ambassador Bonus

Each day at 3:00 PM UTC, rewards from the previous day’s transfer amount are given to the top senders. The 1st ranked participant receives a 5TH-S Ticket, [S]Aries, and a choice between a rare weapon or N character. The 2nd and 3rd ranked participants get a 5TH Ticket, [S]Aries, and so on.

1st5TH-S Ticket+[S]Aries+Choose Rare Weapon or N Character
2-3rd5TH Ticket+[S]Aries
4-10th5TH Ticket+Aries
11-100th5TH Ticket Mini+Aries

[SKY FRONTIER] Last Day Early Bonus

On the final day of the sale, a bonus draw is held at 12:00 PM UTC. Transfers closest to this time stand a chance to win, with one entry per transfer or three entries for three transfers. A draw is held if multiple transfers with the same timing exist. Prizes include ‘Aries’ for single entries and ‘Aries+5TH Ticket’ for three entries.

one entry3 winnersAries
three entries2 winnersAries + 5TH Ticket

[SKY FRONTIER] Participation Benefits & LAND Sale Consecutive

Benefits are awarded depending on the number of participations. Single participation rewards 1 SFBOX, and twice gives a 5TH Ticket. Further advantages accrue if you participate in all May land sales, including one bonus item such as PGIB or a Land-exclusive S character.

[SKY FRONTIER] Conclusion

SKY FRONTIER’s 6th LAND SALE offers a unique opportunity to acquire Dry Green land, only characters, and many rewards. By participating in the sale, you not only stand to gain valuable digital assets but also join a thriving community of SKY FRONTIER gamers.


SKY FRONTIER is a blockchain game developed and operated by BIG BANG, a Japanese company in partnership with Pancake Games. The game is developed as a multi-hunting RPG where players aim to defeat giant monsters and are primarily based on “Play to Earn,” allowing players to earn the in-game currency, “GSKY”.

NameSky Frontier