PancakeGames and TTX Collaborate to Host Music Festival


PancakeGames is venturing beyond the realm of gaming and into the pulsating world of music! A unique fusion of music and Web3 technology takes center stage at the upcoming event, NFT Sound Bash 2023 Presented by TTX-NFT & PancakeGames!

The event promises to blend the worlds of music and blockchain, aiming to bring forth a new era of experiential entertainment.

Date: Sep. 21st, 2023 (Thu)

Venue: Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)

Artists: Ozworld / SIX LOUNGE / The BONEZ


Open at 8:00 AM UTC / Starts at 9:00 AM UTC

Ticket Prices:

1st Floor Standing: $50 / 2nd Floor Reserved Seating: $57

+Drink charges(*Prices as of August 2023)


Pre-order Period: Aug. 22nd (Tue) 2:00 PM UTC

Drawing Period: Aug. 23rd (Wed) – Aug. 24th (Thu)

Winners Announcement & Payment Period: Aug. 25th (Fri) 4:00 AM UTC – Aug. 28th (Mon) 12:00 PM UTC


Exclusive Giveaways

For those attending the event, there will be exclusive giveaways of special NFTs and the opportunity to purchase venue-exclusive characters from the blockchain game “KENKA METAVERSE” developed by TTX Games.

Also, for PGIB holders, there are special perks! I am eager to see what exciting benefits await. Stay tuned and let the anticipation build.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this exciting fusion of NFTs and music entertainment!

Featured Artists

The event will showcase three distinguished artists. Among them, Ozworld is particularly notable for being engaged in NFT sales, making them a perfect fit for this occasion.


A rapper hailing from Okinawa, Japan. Known for a distinct flow and skillful rap delivery, Ozworld gained popularity with tracks like “NINOKUNI feat. 唾奇,” which has garnered over 21 million views on YouTube. Ozworld recently launched the virtual world “NiLLAND,” connecting the real and virtual, and has been actively involved in NFT sales and Web3-related endeavors.


A three-member Japanese rock band. Since their formation in 2012, they’ve performed over 100 live shows annually, showcasing their energetic presence. They released the full album “FANFARE” after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus in September 2023. They are set to embark on the “SIX LOUNGE TOUR 2023-2024”FANFARE,” a nationwide 22-venue tour starting in October.


A four-member Japanese rock band. Their third full album “WOKE,” released in 2018, achieved 7th place on the Oricon charts. Their release tour, spanning 30 performances, sold out immediately, drawing significant attention. In January 2023, they celebrated their 10th anniversary and conducted a tour covering all 47 prefectures.


The NFT Sound Bash 2023 Presented by TTX-NFT & PancakeGames festival represents a convergence of music and Web3 technology, reflecting the evolving nature of music through the ages.

Artists such as the passionately NFT-involved Ozworld are among the performers, promising an exciting exploration of new musical forms.

Embark on a journey to experience this forward-looking entertainment and capture a glimpse of the future.

Event Details:

Date: Sep. 21, 2023 (Thu)

Venue: Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)

Open: 8:00 AM UTC

Starts: 9:00 AM UTC

Ticket Prices: 1st Floor Standing $50, 2nd Floor Reserved Seating $57 + Drink charges

(*Prices as of August 2023)

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