PancakeGames Infinity Box (PGIB) Public Mint! : Why You Should Have PGIB???


Attention all crypto enthusiasts! The much-anticipated event is finally here – PancakeGames Infinity Box (PGIB) minting has started. Following the completion of the pre-sale, the only phase left is the public sale.

While the pre-sale was exclusive to AL (Allow List) holders, the public sale is an open opportunity for everyone to purchase PGIB. Each PGIB is priced at 500 USDT and adopts the Polygon chain. Therefore, please note that you must pay the gas fee in MATIC.

What is PGIB?

PGIB is an exclusive NFT issued by PancakeGames. If you are wondering what NFTs are, consider them a unique digital asset tied to a specific object or concept. The total supply of PGIB is capped at 2000 NFTs. Once this limit is hit, the only way to purchase PGIB will be through secondary markets like OpenSea.

Each PGIB has a unique ID and does not need to be “opened” like a box. Holding PGIB is akin to possessing a magical box that entitles you to an array of PancakeGames-related NFTs and tokens in the future. If you own a PGIB during a snapshot (a record of the blockchain at a specific point in time), you’ll be rewarded with various NFTs.

Even if you miss the sale, you can purchase a PGIB on OpenSea, and as long as you hold it during the snapshot, you’ll still be rewarded. For instance, owners of PGIB are slated to receive three types of Sky Frontier’s NFTs. From the end of July to the end of August, owners will receive one Sky Frontier character, and from July to December, a new Sky Frontier character will be rewarded each month. The characters for July, August, and September have already been decided: [UC] Agir, [UC] Verew, and [UC] Zaid, respectively.

Moreover, users receive special rewards based on the number of PGIBs minted by July 30. If the minted number crosses 100, every PGIB holder receives an NFT of the character Sarah Tracy (UC) from KENKA METAVERSE. If the minted number surpasses 300, the NFT version of Sarah Tracy (R) is gifted. Sarah Tracy is a valued trainer character who plays a crucial role in character development.

Why should you have PGIB?

Owning PGIB (PancakeGames Infinity Box) offers numerous benefits beyond simply holding an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT). Here’s why you might want to acquire a PGIB:

  1. Limited Supply: The total supply of PGIBs is capped at 2,000, making each NFT unique and valuable due to scarcity. This could increase the NFT’s value in the long run.
  2. Ownership Rewards: By holding PGIBs, owners are entitled to various benefits. Snapshots are taken periodically to assess the number of PGIBs held in each address. Those who meet the requirements are automatically granted attractive benefits, such as tokens, NFTs, and priority sale tickets from PancakeGames. The more PGIBs you hold, the more extensive the benefits.
  3. Unique Identifier: Each PGIB carries a unique ID, which can be a mark of distinction and value. Certain NFT IDs bring amazing benefits or recognition to the community.
  4. Tradeable on OpenSea: PGIBs can be traded on the OpenSea marketplace. This provides liquidity and allows for price discovery by the open market, potentially leading to capital gains for the holder.
  5. Special Benefits: Specific incentives and rewards have been announced for those holding PGIB. For instance, if you own a PGIB from July to December, you will receive a new Sky Frontier character each month. Moreover, depending on the number of PGIB minted until July 30, additional benefits like KENKA METAVERSE’s character NFT – Sarah Tracy, a valuable trainer character, can be awarded.

Hence, acquiring and holding PGIB can provide access to a wide range of benefits and potentially significant value in the future. Whether you are a fan of PancakeGames or an NFT collector looking for exclusive and limited items, PGIB could be an interesting opportunity to explore.

How to Participate

Getting involved in PGIB minting involves a few steps:

  1. Equip yourself with MetaMask, USDT, and MATIC tokens for gas fees.
  2. Visit the official site at
  3. Connect your wallet (ensure it’s on the Polygon network).
  4. Buy NFT.

If you don’t have MATIC tokens for gas fees, you can purchase them on exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. However, note that there might be transaction fees.

Wrapping up

PGIB is more than just an NFT; it’s an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community and benefit from PancakeGames’ future tokens and NFTs simply by holding PGIBs. The overall NFTs supply is limited, making PGIB a coveted asset for any digital collector or gaming enthusiast. So, don’t wait! Be part of the PGIB journey today.

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