What is “Ergosum” – Guide of How to Earn and What’s Exciting?


When two industry giants, gumi Inc. and CROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc., collaborate, expectations naturally skyrocket. And rightly so – the two have unveiled Ergosum, an NFT RPG game that revolves around the fascinating stories of girls who touched taboos.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what we know about Ergosum so far. Let’s dive into what we know so far and get a glimpse of what’s to come in this exciting project from two leading game developers!

What is Ergosum?

What is Ergosum?
Development CompanyCROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc.
Supported DevicesPC/iOS/Android
Official Websitehttps://ergosum-game.com/en/
Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/ergosum_jp

Ergosum is a Web3 incremental role-playing game that vividly depicts the fates of girls who dared to touch the taboo. Enhanced with stunning graphics and music, it promises an immersive gaming experience. Announced in April 2023, the news of the game’s development has undoubtedly caused excitement among NFT gamers.

The game’s development is being spearheaded by none other than CROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc., known for its work on Project XENO, in collaboration with gumi Inc., a renowned company in the development and operation of mobile online games. 

Gameplay is divided into three distinct areas: story, character development, and battles. Battles use a turn-based system to give players a strategic advantage. Through careful character development and a mix of tactics and strategy, players can strengthen their parties and optimize their earning potential.

Many are eagerly awaiting the day when they can immerse themselves in the world of Ergosum.

Features of Ergosum

Although the full details of Ergosum have yet to be revealed, the game already has unique features that set it apart from other NFT games. Let’s take a look at some of Ergosum’s outstanding features.

Rich and deep storyline

At the heart of Ergosum is the theme: “the destinies of girls who touched taboos”. A White Paper introduced the game with the following prose:

ーーThe Thirst that Proves My Existenceーー 

“Righteousness” at some point compressed “desire” into a distorted and diminutive mold. Distorted desires turned into sins, and the “Present” was born. And the power to conquer the “Present” also comes from the human desire. Girls who wield extraordinary powers fueled by desires, and enigmatic creature being called “Present.” This is a story that delves into those who have touched the taboo and the origin of humanity…

This description, rather than echoing the vibe of typical NFT games, resonates more with the intense, deep undertones reminiscent of iconic series like “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Such depth suggests that Ergosum is a full-fledged RPG. 

Although the identity of the scriptwriter remains undisclosed, the white paper provides a detailed narrative that adds to the anticipation. Many are eagerly awaiting the day when they will be able to navigate the fascinating world of Ergosum!

The Leave to Earn System

Traditionally, NFT games have used the “play to earn” model, where players earn by actively participating in the game. Ergosum, however, has taken a different approach.  They have incorporated the “Leave to Earn” system, which allows players to automatically earn cryptocurrency not just while they are in-game, but also during their time away from it. While the details of this feature are not yet clear, the fact that players can earn even when they are not actively engaged suggests that even those with hectic schedules can enjoy the game without feeling the need to be constantly active.

Engaging Character Development and Treasure Hunting

Ergosum is designed to maximize the enjoyment derived from character development and the thrill of in-game treasure hunting. Imagine the satisfaction and feeling of achievement when one clears a dungeon previously deemed too challenging. The development team believes that in Ergosum, for players to truly feel the growth of their characters, it’s vital to make them experience an increase in firepower (damage values) during battles.

As for the treasure hunting aspect, the team holds the view that endgame content should always offer “surplus potential for growth and clear objectives.” This thoughtful balance in game mechanics promises an engaging experience for players.

How to Earn with Ergosum

How to Earn with Ergosum

In Ergosum, the primary method to earn seems to be selling the NFTs dropped in the game on the marketplace. Summing up what is written in the white paper, the basic process seems to be as follows:

  • Get NFT Tickets through quests.
  • Use NFT Tickets to challenge the NFT dungeons.
  • (※ Note: NFT Tickets can also be sold on the marketplace.)
  • Upon clearing the NFT dungeon, obtain growth items, equipment, rare NFT skins, and NFT orbs.
  • Sell these items on the marketplace to earn cryptocurrency.

Ergosum’s Cryptocurrency

Ergosum's Cryptocurrency

Ergosum employs the “Leave to Earn” system, allowing players to automatically earn cryptocurrency even when they’re not actively playing the game. As a result, there’s an anticipation for the release of a unique cryptocurrency tied to Ergosum. 

While the specifics are yet unknown, indications from the white paper suggest plans for governance voting using governance tokens. For now, aside from the mentioned details, no other information has been disclosed. Let’s await further updates!

Ergosum is planning to implement a voting system specifically designed for governance token holders. Governance token holders can participate in various decision-making processes, such as those involving new characters, weapons, items, and storylines. The voting rights are determined based on the amount of tokens held and with those holding a greater amount of tokens having a higher voting influence. Voting events will be held regularly and announced across various community channels.

Important Character NFTs to Earn in Ergosum

While Ergosum is touted as a free-to-play game, it appears that owning character NFTs could increase the amount of cryptocurrency you can earn. This approach mirrors that of Project XENO! To prepare for potential sales of character NFTs, let’s examine their specifics.



In September 2023, Ergosum’s homepage shows three characters:

  • ARIA – “Sometime I think. It’s a miracle that I’m here now. I’ve been in the fight all my life. so I guess… this is my fate.”
  • LUCIA – “I forbid you to think I also forbid you to speak. From now on, I will control everything over you.”
  • QUON – “If I were to perish, the world would crumble alongside. That’s why I shall witness it through to the end. For it is my duty to halt this, no matter what…”

Each character’s graphics are impeccable, as though they were crafted by professional animators. The upcoming sales are certainly something to look forward to. 

Moreover, each character comes equipped with roles, skills, and special moves. With items referred to as badges and orbs, it seems players can customize their characters uniquely.


Roles depict a character’s unique abilities. Depending on the role, a character’s stats and skills vary. While there seem to be four types of roles, specifics are not yet known. Each character has a fixed role, which cannot be changed afterward.

Skills・Special Moves

Every character has four skills to use during battles and one special move. Three out of the four skills are fixed for each character, but players can select the fourth skill from multiple options associated with the character’s role. This choice will be crucial for strategizing during battles. Details about the specific skills and special moves are still undisclosed.

Equipable Items for Character NFTs

Equipable Items for Character NFTs

Character NFTs in Ergosum can be equipped with items to grant various effects. There are three main types of items that can be attached to these NFTs.


The Badges comes with passive skills. Players can endow their characters with any traits they prefer using these badges. Badges are designed for specific roles, so it seems that they can only be equipped to characters of the matching role.

While it’s not entirely clear, it might be possible that these badges add additional skills? If one possesses these badges, it’s likely that they’ll have an advantage in battles.


The Orbs are items that can be equipped to characters to enhance their stats. Depending on their rarity, they come with two to four traits. There isn’t much more information available about orbs, but like badges, they seem to offer advantages in battles.

Desire Board

Desire Board

Desire Board allows players to customize their characters freely. Players can allocate points to improve their character’s stats and skills. Players can choose a dizia route to create their unique build.

This build concept is similar to evolving Pokémon, where one can nurture their characters according to their preferences. Even if players have the same character, the skills and other attributes might vary between players, making each character unique and fostering a sense of attachment.

The Anticipation for Ergosum is Real!

Ergosum is a highly anticipated NFT game developed jointly by gumi Inc., a Japanese company known for various game developments, and CROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc., the creators of the popular NFT game, Project XENO.

Players will be able to earn by selling NFT items dropped in NFT dungeons.

While limited information has been released so far, even the sparse details available show the depth and potential of the game. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Ergosum, and make sure to check back regularly!

Development CompanyCROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc.
Supported DevicesPC/iOS/Android
Official Websitehttps://ergosum-game.com/en/
Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/ergosum_jp