Mohamed Ramadan Joins PROJECT XENO: A Fusion of Middle Eastern Stardom and Gaming Innovation.


I am very excited with this news: Mohamed Ramadan, a titan in the Middle Eastern entertainment scene, has officially been inaugurated as the brand ambassador for PROJECT XENO.

This pivotal moment was commemorated in a signing ceremony held in Jeddah in the esteemed presence of Mr. Mitsuki Nishida, the Consulate-General of Japan.

A Glimpse into Ramadan’s Stellar Journey

For those unfamiliar with Ramadan’s legacy, a brief overview of his journey is in order.

From Humble Beginnings to Silver Screen Stardom

A spark ignited in his student days when he dabbled in acting and clinched three consecutive national awards. Starting with roles in TV series like “Cinderella,” Ramadan’s trajectory sharply ascended, especially after his role in Yousry Nasrallah’s “Ehky Ya Sharazad.”

Not Just An Actor: Ramadan’s Musical Achievements

His talents aren’t just confined to acting. An accomplished singer with multiple albums, he bagged the AFRIMA Award in 2019.

Numbers Speak: A Digital Titan

With staggering numbers across social platforms – 25 million followers on Instagram, over 15 million YouTube subscribers, and 23.03 million on Facebook (as of August 2, 2023) – Ramadan’s digital influence is undeniable.

Spotify: Mohamed Ramadan | Spotify

The Road Ahead: What This Partnership Means

Mohamed Ramadan will dive deep into PROJECT XENO, actively engaging by playing the game and sharing his experiences on social media.

Expanding Horizons: PROJECT XENO in Arabic

In anticipation of making PROJECT XENO more accessible to Arabic-speaking audiences, the game will begin supporting Arabic on August 31. An official Arabic Twitter account has also been launched: PROJECT XENO Arabic Twitter.

Mark the Date: Arabic Language Support

The eagerly awaited addition of Arabic language support for PROJECT XENO is set for August 31, with a comprehensive promotional campaign to follow.


As the gaming world continues to evolve, the partnership between great actor and emerging game platforms plays a crucial role in shaping the landscape.

The inclusion of Mohamed Ramadan, a household name known for his remarkable achievements and widespread influence, is a testament to PROJECT XENO’s vision of bridging cultures and gaming experiences. With a star of such magnitude on board and the anticipation of broadening accessibility through Arabic language support, it’s evident that PROJECT XENO is not just launching a game but a global cultural phenomenon.

Audiences and gaming enthusiasts alike should brace themselves. With Mohamed Ramadan steering the ship, PROJECT XENO’s voyage into the vast expanse of international marketing is set to be nothing short of extraordinary. Keep your eyes peeled, and stay tuned!


PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

NameProject XENO