A Deep Dive into Project XENO’s NFT Marketplace: Buy, Sell, and Thrive!


Project XENO is a play-to-earn game that harnesses the power of NFTs. Within the game, you’ll be able to sell NFTs you’ve earned or invest in powerful NFT characters and weapons. 

Today we’re going to take you through the ins and outs of the Project XENO NFT Marketplace. Immerse yourself in the world of buying and selling to truly enhance your Project XENO experience!

Projext XENO: What You Can Do on the NFT Marketplace

Here’s what you can do in the Project XENO NFT Marketplace:

  • Buy XENO / Weapon / Charm NFTs
  • Sell XENO / Weapon / Charm NFTs
  • Buy GXE / UXE (coming soon)

At the moment, there are no additional features other than trading NFTs. 

However, the cryptocurrencies UXE and GXE will soon be available for purchase! Integrating the option to purchase these specific cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly increase the convenience of the platform.

Projext XENO: Before You Dive into the NFT Marketplace…

To utilize the NFT marketplace, a crypto wallet is essential. Think of a crypto wallet as a bank account where you deposit cryptocurrencies. We’ve detailed the process of setting up a wallet in the article below. 

Ensure you check it out: How to create a MetaMask wallet

Project XENO: Navigating the Marketplace

You’ll notice the following tabs on the left-hand side when you enter the Marketplace from the official Project XENO website:

  • My Page
  • NFT Categories
  • Language Settings
  • Exclusive Shop for GXE/UXE (coming soon)

Let’s look at the purpose and usage of each of these.

My Page

My Page

The My Page tab is probably the first menu you’ll use. Within My Page you can do a number of things, including:

  • Buy Market Money
  • Buy and withdraw GCoin/UCoin
  • Check your NFTs
  • View transaction history
  • Connect your wallet

Once you’ve connected your wallet from My Page, you can buy and sell NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Of course, you can also withdraw UCoin and GCoin.

When you withdraw UCoin, it will be reflected in your wallet as USDT, which is very convenient.

The withdrawal method is explained in the following article:

NFT Categories

NFT Categories

Move the cursor over the bag icon to see the NFT categories. From top to bottom, the categories are as follows:

  • XENO
  • Weapon
  • Charm


As you may already know, XENO represents the NFT characters requiredto earn for PvE/PvP Battles.

XENO GENESIS is a unique variant of XENO, designed for more efficient earnings. Due to its limited supply, it has the status of a rare NFT, making it typically more expensive than its regular counterparts.


Weapons are the NFTs that XENO can equip. There are six classes of XENO, and each class can equip different types of weapons.

A full list of weapons for each class can be found in the articleWeapons of War: An In-Depth Look at Project XENO’s Armory


Charms are items that can be equipped by XENO to enhance skills and abilities. Like weapons, they are traded as NFTs.

A full list of charms can be found in the article: Project XENOA Charms : Comprehensive Guide to Sun, Dragon, and Star Series

Finally, we have the NFT ART tab. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a specific use for NFT-ART at the moment. However, if you’re curious, feel free to purchase and explore.

Language Settings

Language Settings

This tab allows you to change the marketplace’s language settings. Three languages are currently supported:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

Exclusive Shop for GXE/UXE (Coming Soon)

Exclusive Shop for GXE/UXE (Coming Soon)

The last gray tab is the Exclusive Shop for GXE and UXE. There isn’t much information about this tab at the moment, apart from the “coming soon” notice. 

However, as the name suggests, this will be the place where GXE and UXE can be purchased. We can’t wait to see it implemented!

Project XENO: How to Deposit in the Marketplace

In order to purchase NFTs, you’ll need to deposit cryptocurrency or in-game currency into the marketplace.

Project XENO’s marketplace allows users to deposit either by purchasing with a credit card or by transferring from an exchange.

However, Project XENO offers two types of cryptocurrency and four in-game currencies.

To understand the differences between them, read this article: 

Once you’ve understood the differences, you’re ready to buy. Here’s how to buy (or deposit) each currency:

Project XENO: How to Sell NFTs on the Marketplace

Selling NFTs on the marketplace is even easier than buying them. Here’s the general procedure:

  • Connect MetaMask to the Marketplace.
  • List the NFT you want to sell.

That’s it! The proceeds are automatically sent to your MetaMask in USDT, so there’s no need to exchange.

For a detailed step-by-step process, complete with pictures, click here:

Mastering NFT Sales on Project XENO: What You Need to Know:

Project XENO: How to buy NFTs on the Marketplace

Are you wondering how to buy NFTs? The buying process is a bit more complicated than selling. 

  • Select an NFT: Browse the marketplace and select the NFT you’re interested in
  • Buy market money: Once you’ve chosen an NFT, you’ll need to buy the equivalent amount of Market Money
  • Buy the NFT: You can now use the Market Money to purchase the NFT of your choice

For a detailed guide to buying NFTs, complete with illustrative images, please visit: 

How to Buy NFTs: Step-by-Step Guide 

NFTs are essential to earning in Project XENO!

To maximize your earnings in Project XENO, it’s important to actively buy and sell NFTs.

For example, owning certain NFTs can increase the amount of U Coins you earn in the arena. Alternatively, some players use a speculative strategy, buying NFTs when the overall price drops and selling them when the price rises, without actually participating in the game.

Using NFTs effectively can enhance your gaming experience, so immerse yourself in the world of Project XENO and enjoy the endless possibilities!



PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

NameProject XENO