PROJECT XENO: UXE Shop will Open!


Exciting times for PROJECT XENO fans as the UXE Shop makes its debut!

For a brief on what XENO is all about, check out this link.

The UXE Shop features limited-edition items, purchasable with UXE, a currency obtained from exchanging U Coins. This new addition is expected to provide a positive boost to the in-game economy.

In this article, we’ll delve into what items will be available for purchase at the UXE Shop!

They are currently experiencing technical issues. Although they initially planned to launch on the 23rd, it has been postponed.

What Can You Purchase at the PROJECT XENO UXE Shop?

Using the PROJECT XENO’s UXE token, players can acquire exclusive items. The shop opens its doors on October 23rd.

Items will be released in two phases:

October 23rd

Item: Lucky BOX

Price: Equivalent to $100 in UXE

Quantity: 300 boxes

Contents: XENO, WEAPON (RARE), WEAPON (EPIC), CHARM (RARE), CHARM (EPIC), GOLD (300,000), GOLD (200,000), GOLD (100,000)

October 30th

Item: Halloween XENO NFT-BOX

Price: Equivalent to $130 in UXE

Quantity: 333 boxes

Why is the UXE Shop Essential for PROJECT XENO?

Previously, items in the marketplace could only be bought with Market Money. While Market Money can be purchased using USDT or credit cards, the limited use-cases for the UXE token was a concern.

With the UXE Shop, players can directly buy items using the UXE earned in-game. Here’s why this is a game-changer:

  • Increased Use-Cases for UXE: With in-game earned UXE now usable for real-item purchases, its demand and value are likely to increase.
  • Economic Activation: It motivates players to earn UXE through gameplay, potentially boosting in-game trades and overall economic activity.
  • Improved Game Stability: A thriving in-game economy might lead to increased revenue for game operators, ensuring long-term game operations and support.

However, the actual impact will depend on various factors, including game design, implementation, and player response.


Q: What is the UXE Shop?

A: The UXE Shop allows players to buy limited-edition items using UXE tokens.

Q: When does the UXE Shop open?

A: The UXE Shop will open on October 23rd. Suspended.

Q: Where can I purchase UXE tokens for use in the UXE Shop?

A: UXE tokens can be bought on PancakeSwap, or earned through gameplay.

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Today, we explored the new UXE Shop feature in PROJECT XENO. From October 23rd, players can use UXE tokens to purchase the Lucky BOX and the Halloween XENO NFT-BOX, with more rare items expected in the future.

Also, keep an eye out for the GXE Shop, set to open in early November for 9th Phase GXE Partners, which will feature the GENESIS NFT-BOX.