PROJECT XENO’s GXE Shop Sale: Chance to get GENESIS NFTs


Hello everyone! In this post, we’re focusing on the special sale at PROJECT XENO’s GXE Shop.

This sale offers a rare opportunity to acquire limited GENESIS NFTs. Due to the complete sell-out of the last sale, this one also garners significant attention.

Overview of the Sale

Different Lucky BOXes, ranging from G1 to G5, are available in this sale.

These BOXes are available in limited quantities and can be purchased only by members of specific partner levels.

Lucky BOX Details

Lucky BOX TypeEligible ForPrice (GXE)ContentsBonus
G1 Lucky BOXPlatinum Partners only690090 EPIC Charms, 10 RARE CharmsGENESIS1 ‘Psychic’ NFT
G2 Lucky BOXGold and Platinum Partners580070 EPIC Charms, 30 RARE CharmsGENESIS2 ‘Necromancer’ NFT
G3 Lucky BOXGold and Platinum Partners460050 EPIC Charms, 50 RARE CharmsGENESIS3 ‘Samurai’ NFT
G4 Lucky BOXAll partners350030 EPIC Charms, 70 RARE CharmsGENESIS4 ‘Grappler’ NFT
G5 Lucky BOXAll partners230010 EPIC Charms, 90 RARE CharmsGENESIS5 ‘Breaker’ NFT

The “Bonus” column indicates the most attractive GXE Shop Sale. After the sale, a drawing is held for each type of lucky box. In other words, one person will win a GENESIS NFT for each box from G1 to G5.

Purchase Method

Purchases in the GXE Shop are made by transferring funds to a designated wallet address.

This process is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and payment can be made in GXE using either ETH or BNB.

1. Prepare GXE in your wallet

2. Transfer GXE to the specified address

If you have never purchased GXE tokens before, please refer to the following article for guidance.

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  • Confirmation of Transfer: Can be verified through BscScan or Etherscan.
  • First-Come, First-Served Basis: In the event of simultaneous deposits, a lottery will be conducted.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued after the sale ends if the sales quantity is not reached.

Features and Appeal of GENESIS NFT

GENESIS NFTs are incredibly popular due to their unique abilities and limited availability. The following features make GENESIS NFTs special:

  • Earning Capability: GENESIS NFTs are designed to enhance ‘EARN’ capabilities, allowing for significant token acquisition in battles.
  • Hold to Earn Function: Holding a GENESIS NFT distributes G-coins, a unique feature.
  • Rarity and Limited Availability: GENESIS NFTs are ranked from 1 to 5, with one being the rarest. These NFTs are limited in issuance and, thus, highly valuable.
  • Collaborations: Some GENESIS NFTs are available exclusively through specific events and collaborations.

Cost Analysis

Various price ranges are available for purchasing Lucky BOXes in this sale. The price of GXE is $0.04512, making the sale prices range from $104 to $312.

Moreover, the floor prices for epic and rare Charms differ, 198MM (Dollars) and 39MM (Dollars), respectively. Additionally, GENESIS NFTs’ value is high, with a current floor price of 670MM (Dollars).

This sale offers at least a Rare Charm with every box and a 1 in 100 chance to win a GENESIS NFT! If you get this NFT, it’s worth at least $670.


This sale at the GXE Shop is a fantastic opportunity to acquire rare GENESIS NFTs. These NFTs, with their rarity, bonuses, and unique ‘EARN’ capabilities, are highly valuable for collectors and enthusiasts. Don’t miss this chance and good luck!