Mastering Project XENO: A Guide to Playing and Strategizing


Welcome to the world of Project XENO, a thrilling card game where you control powerful XENO units and battle against opponents.

This blog will explore the gameplay mechanics, provide tips, and share strategies to help you become a skilled player.

PROJECT XENO| How to start

Project XENO| How to start
  1. Download and Language Selection
  2. Tutorial and Data Download

1. Download and Language Selection

1. Download and Language Selection

Download the game and choose your preferred language to start your XENO journey. Make sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

2. Tutorial and Data Download

2. Tutorial and Data Download

This tutorial will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to play.

Afterward, there will be a data download process that may take a few seconds to minutes, depending on your internet connection.

PROJECT XENO| Home Tutorial

PROJECT XENO|  Home Tutorial

Engage in Arena Battles to win matches and earn Treasure Boxes. As you climb the ranks by accumulating trophies, you will unlock additional cards to enhance your deck.

1. Battle Modes

There are two battle modes available:

Arena BattleXENO players worldwide battle in real-time to win Treasures with rewards.
Demo BattleDemo Battle allows you to practice against CPU opponents without affecting your trophy count.

Gain experience and hone your skills in Demo Battle before venturing into the competitive Arena.

2. Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes have various timers, such as 3 or 6 hours, and can be opened to obtain rewards. Skill Cards, Gold, and materials to level up XENO are contained.

3. Trophy

In Arena mode, winning earns trophies and losing reduces them, allowing progression to higher levels with unlocked skill cards. Limited Arena prioritizes fair competition with equal rules, restricting XENO and skill card levels for balanced battles.

4. Token Pool and U-Coin

The Token Pool represents the total amount of U-Coins that players can acquire. U-Coins are the in-game currency used for various purposes.

PROJECT XENO| Understanding the Game Screen

PROJECT XENO|  Understanding the Game Screen

Let’s take a closer look at its key elements:

1. Order of Attack

The battle begins with a specific order of attack. Enemies are marked in red, while your team is represented in blue. Remember that some of classes, like NINJA and GUARDIAN, tend to attack early in the turn.

2. Skill Cards

Your available skill cards for the current turn are displayed. Each card has a cost indicated in the top left corner. Pay attention to the cost bar below, ensuring that the total cost of your chosen skill cards is within your current limit.


Engaging in battles gradually fills up the SPECIAL gauge located in the bottom left corner. Once it reaches 200%, you can unleash XENO’s powerful Special Skills. Utilize this feature strategically for maximum impact.


The TURN END button, as its name suggests, is used to conclude your turn.

PROJECT XENO| Deck Composition

PROJECT XENO| Deck Composition

In Project XENO, a well-composed deck is essential for success in battles. By carefully considering the composition of your deck, skill cards, and equipment, you can maximize your chances of victory. Here are some key elements to focus on when building your deck:

Strategic Composition

Organize your XENO units strategically on the battlefield. Assess the skills of each XENO unit and find the best formation to synergize their abilities. For example, positioning a PSYCHIC behind a GUARDIAN can protect the PSYCHIC against enemy attacks.

XENO features a total of 10 unique classes, each with its own set of skills. Some classes are specialized in offense, while others focus on defense.

For detailed information on each class, please refer to the following article

Selecting Skill Cards

Selecting Skill Cards

You’ll unlock more skill cards to expand your tactical options as you win battles and rank up. At the start, five skill cards are available, but only four can be used in battle. Choose the four cards that best suit your needs, considering their cost and alignment with your battle strategy.

Enhancing with Equipment

Equip your XENO with weapons and charms to enhance their capabilities. These equipment items can be augmented with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to boost your XENO’s performance further. Carefully choose equipment that aligns with your preferred playstyle and strengthens your overall strategy.

Weapons of War: An In-Depth Look at Project XENO’s Armory
In this guide, we'll look at the six different classes within Project XENO, each with their own unique set of weapo

Leveling Up

Leveling Up

To increase your odds of winning, level up your skill cards, XENO units, and SPECIAL SKILL. Utilize the items obtained from Treasure Boxes to enhance their power and effectiveness. As you progress and invest in leveling up, your XENO will become stronger, giving you an advantage on the battlefield.

Reference information for strategy

Here is a summary of the battle information for Season 6 from Producer Hozumi P of PROJECT XENO and Elest World, focusing on the period from January 30, 2024, to February 14, 2024. This data covers the top 500 ranked players and includes the usage rates of XENO, special skills, and skill cards.

Please note that this information was originally provided in Japanese by Hozumi P, and has been translated into English for your reference.

Usage rate by class

RankClass NameUsage Rate

Special skill usage by class

ClassSpecial Skill NameUsage Rate
NECROMANCERIron Maiden46.88%
Shadow Flare27.18%
Immortal Pact25.94%
Megalodon Punch23.38%
SAMURAIShin Malice41.47%
Dream Blade Shadows34.45%
Iron Slay24.08%
Hyper Repair29.92%
Perfect Wall19.06%
Imperial Guard38.75%

Skill card usage rates by class

This data only includes the top four most used skills in each class.

ClassSkill NameUsage Rate
NECROMANCERDeath Scythe24.79%
Dark Ritual22.16%
Soul Drain15.31%
Blood Circle14.70%
NINJAPoison Bomb20.50%
Raging Flame20.41%
Great Sandstorm17.08%
Endless Lunge12.71%
GRAPPLERAura Kunckle20.61%
Adrenaline Rush14.02%
Mach Punch12.77%
Spiral Blow10.39%
PSYCHICLittle Thunder17.19%
Angel Heart10.17%
Fire Ball9.84%
Void Thurst16.05%
Air Raid12.29%
Soul Bite11.42%
Crash Buster10.07%
GUARDIANEnergy Gain22.12%
Big Dome16.35%
Magnetic Armor13.85%
Power Strike12.75%
PALADINSacred Pierce22.11%
Bind Chain20.73%
Imperial Cross19.04%
Divine Flash15.49%

PROJECT XENO| Conclusion

With these tips and strategies, you are now equipped to dive into the exciting world of Project XENO. Enjoy the strategic gameplay and unleash the power of your XENO units! Choose your XENO units wisely, formulate effective strategies, and dominate the battles.


PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

NameProject XENO