ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD Launches Second NFT Sale: What’s On Offer?


The operating company behind Project XENO, CROOZ Blockchain Lab Inc., is in the process of developing a new NFT game called ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD.

The highly anticipated second NFT sale for this game officially began on November 2nd. The sale will continue until November 16th. Once this sale ends, these NFTs will never be available for resale again. In this article, we’ll go over the details of what’s being offered in this sale.

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Second Sale Gacha Details

Starts: November 2nd, 2023 (Thu) 19:00 JST

Ends: November 11th, 2023 (Thu) 18:59 JST


  • Random Gacha 1x ($130)
  • Pandora Gacha 10x ($1,300)
  • Lucifer Gacha 10x ($1,300)

Both Pandora and Lucifer have 10 normal NFTs. However, there are only 3 types of GENESIS NFTs for each. At this time, it’s unclear how the color variations affect the performance or value of these NFTs.

Random Gacha 1xPandora Gacha 10xLucifer Gacha 10x
DetailsNFT (NORMAL) ×1 ★5 Pandora (GENESIS) ×1Normal NFT characters×9★5 Lucifer (GENESIS)Normal NFT characters×9
★5 Pandora (GENESIS)100%
★5 Lucifer (GENESIS)100%
★5 Pandora (NORMAL NFT)100%100%100%
★5 Lucifer (NORMAL NFT)

Random Gacha 1x

You can get ★5 Pandora (Normal) and ★5 Lucifer (Normal) NFTs in the Random Gacha. While the first sale offered a 0.3% chance of getting GENESIS, this time the chance is 0%. Therefore, those who want GENESIS should be cautious and avoid purchasing this gacha.

Each character in the normal NFTs has 10 variations, and which variation you get is completely random. It’s mentioned that the drop rate for each variation is the same, so it’s safe to assume that there’s a 10% drop rate for each specific variation.

Pandora Gacha 10x

You are guaranteed a ★5 Pandora (GENESIS) in the Pandora Gacha 10x.


  • ★5 Pandora (GENESIS) ×1
  •  NFT characters other than GENESIS ×9

The ★5 Pandora (GENESIS) has 3 different patterns, and the quantity for each is predetermined. For some reason, pattern A seems to be rarer than the others.

  • Pattern A: 39
  • Pattern B: 40
  • Pattern C: 40

Lucifer Gacha 10x

You are guaranteed a ★5 Lucifer (GENESIS) in the Lucifer Gacha 10x.


  • ★5 Lucifer (GENESIS) ×1
  •  NFT characters other than GENESIS ×9

Similarly, the ★5 Lucifer (GENESIS) has 3 unique patterns, each with a certain number of releases. Pattern A seems to be less available than the others.

  • Pattern A: 39
  • Pattern B: 40
  • Pattern C: 40

Chance to Get 3rd Pre-Sale Tickets!

A new bonus is available in the Second Sale that wasn’t present in the first Sale – there’s a possibility of an airdrop of tickets for the third sale! 

To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria

  • Purchased any 10x Gacha twice in total during the 1st and 2nd sales
  • Purchased using the same email or wallet address for both the 1st and 2nd sale

Those who meet these requirements will receive an airdrop of 10 tickets for the 3rd pre-sale when the next pre-sale event is held.

[Explained with Images] How to Purchase NFT Gacha

The process of purchasing the NFT Gacha is incredibly simple. From here on, we will explain how to spin the gacha using images. If you plan to try the gacha, please use this as a reference.

Register on My Page

Access My Page from the Elemental Story World’s NFT sale venue. If you’ve already registered on Project XENO’s My Page, please log in using the same email address.

For those who haven’t registered on Project XENO’s My Page, enter your email address and click “Send Auth Code”.

Complete the process by entering the verification code provided in the authentication email.

Although the email is sent under Project XENO’s name, rest assured it pertains to Elemental Story World.

Prepare Market Money

Click the M button located in the top right corner of My Page.

Purchase Market Money choosing from Credit Card, USDT (BEP-20), or USDT (ERC-20).

The exchange rate for Market Money is 1M = $1.

Spin the Gacha

Once you’ve prepared your Market Money, you’re ready to spin the gacha!

Spin any gacha of your preference.

Before You Spin: Essential Tips for Gacha [ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD]

There are several important points to note about the Elemental Story World’s gacha, so make sure to check them before spinning.

Only Market Money is Usable

The only currency accepted is Market Money. You cannot directly pay with a credit card or  USDT.

Since Market Money can also be used in Project XENO, those who play XENO might benefit from having some extra Market Money on hand.

Credit Card Transactions Incur Fees

When purchasing Market Money, selecting the credit card option incurs a 10% transaction fee. There’s no fee with USDT, so using a credit card might not be the best value. In addition, credit card transactions are sometimes restricted to prevent fraud. Although paying by credit card may be more convenient, it’s recommended that you purchase Market Money from USDT whenever possible.


Here, we’ll address some of the most common questions related to Elemental Story World’s NFTs.

How do I use the NFTs in the game?

You can link your data within the app using the same account details you used during your NFT purchase after the release of the Elemental Story World app, and it will be reflected in the game. The app release is scheduled within 2023.

Which credit card is accepted?

VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, and DINERS are available.

Snapshot: Your NFT Gacha Process

This guide provides a detailed, image-accompanied explanation on how to spin the NFT gacha. The process is straightforward and user-friendly. If you’re considering participating in the NFT gacha, this guide will serve as a valuable reference to ensure a smooth experience!