Unlock Exclusive Benefits with ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD’s PGT Partner Program


ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD presented its PGT Partner program, a premium membership designed for individuals who hold a substantial amount of PGT tokens.

This program begins with an appealing NFT reward that becomes marketable after two months, capitalizing on the anticipated rise in NFT and token values as the game gains popularity.


  • Register on ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD’s My Page and establish a wallet link.
  • Maintain a minimum of 30,000 PGT in your linked wallet from December 20th to January 15th (Note: Holdings in exchanges are not eligible. Utilize wallets like MetaMask).


Regular Perks

Enjoy whitelist status for accelerated transaction processing in the marketplace.

Receive an NFT as a gift upon the app’s launch, featuring characters such as Alice, Amaterasu, Kamimusubi, Pandora, Lucifer, Athena, and Charme.

Release Commemorative Special Perks

Hold over 100,000 PGT from December 26th to January 15th, 2024.

Earn the privilege of selecting four NFTs from a curated list.

Participate in the chance to win the exclusive “GENESIS” version of the new character Athena through an airdrop.

Meet the Characters








Becoming a PGT Partner

  • Register on My Page, input your email, receive a verification code, and finalize your registration.
  • Integrate your wallet via My Page.
  • Purchase PGT (available at BitGet) and transfer it to your wallet.


Q1: What is the PGT Partner program in ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD?
A1: It’s a VIP membership that offers exclusive benefits for significant PGT token holders.

Q2: How can one become a PGT Partner?
A2: By registering on My Page, linking a wallet, and maintaining over 30,000 PGT from December 20th to January 15th.

Q3: What are the perks of this program?
A3: Benefits include whitelist status for marketplace transactions and a gift NFT at the app’s launch, with special airdrops for higher PGT holders.

Q4: Can I hold PGT in a CEX account?
A4: No, PGT must be held in a wallet like MetaMask.


The ELEMENTAL STORY WORLD‘s PGT Partner program offers a unique opportunity for both enthusiastic players and investors in the gaming universe.

This exclusive VIP membership provides an array of benefits, including immediate NFT rewards and accelerated marketplace transactions.

To participate, individuals are required to register, link a wallet, and maintain a specific PGT balance, thereby unlocking access to the game’s expanding world and its enticing rewards.