Japanese YouTube Star Hikaru Collaborates with Elemental Story World to Launch Exciting NFT!


Elemental Story World has announced the sale of NFTs in collaboration with Hikaru, a popular Japanese YouTuber. Here, we will explain the details and how to obtain the Hikaru collaboration NFT!

Hikaru Collaboration NFT Overview


  • Light


  • Horizontal row or full attack
  • Increased power when clearing four or more pieces of any attribute

Special Voice (Japanese)

  • ”Don’t worry. Everything will go well.” etc.

Types of NFTs

  • NFT (Black Coat)
  • NFT (White Coat)
  • NFT (Orange Hoodie)

How to get Hikaru Collaboration NFT

The Hikaru collaboration NFT can be obtained from a sale starting on January 27th. Let’s take a look at the details.

PGT Pre-Sale

Sale PeriodStarts: January 26, 2024, at 15:00 UTCEnds: January 27, 2024, at 15:00 UTC
How to ApplySend 300 yen (About 2$) worth of PGT. Multiple entries are possible!
Lottery Probability
(All characters are NFTs)
Hikaru 0.4%Alice 0.2%Amaterasu 0.2%Kamimusubi 0.2%Pandora 0.2%Lucifer 0.2%Charm 0.2%Athena 0.2%Large/Medium/Small Stamina Potion 19.6%Large Crystal of Azure 19.45%2 Crystals of Azure 19.45%10 Fragments of Azure 19.45%Mana (9,000) 20.25%
Lottery ResultsThe items and NFTs won will be delivered to the gift box on January 29th (Monday).

In addition, there are the following bonuses!

  • Sending 30,000 yen (About $200) worth of PGT will give 111 spins instead of the usual 100, as a bonus!
  • Out of those who spin 111 times, three will be selected by lottery to receive the Hikaru GENESIS NFT.
  • The more 111 times are spun, the higher the chances of winning the Hikaru GENESIS NFT!


  • The address to send PGT and the required amount of PGT will be announced later. Check Elemental Story World’s X for updates!
  • If PGT is sent from a cryptocurrency exchange, it will not be eligible. Be sure to send from a wallet like MetaMask.
  • If already linked My Page and MetaMask, use the linked MetaMask to send PGT.
  • Once sent, PGT will not be refunded!
  • After the PGT pre-sale, a sale using EMM will be conducted, but the cost and probability of the gacha in the EMM sale are undecided.


The Hikaru collaboration NFT is exciting! Hikaru has sold collaboration NFTs during Project XENO before, reaching a floor price of 1,900 dollars. If you’re interested, be sure to prepare PGT for the pre-sale. For how to buy PGT on Bitget, see the following article.