PROJECT XENO| What is the Battle Pass(Season1)?


The Battle Pass in Project Xeno is a rewarding system based on the number of XENO you defeat in the Arena Battle, irrespective of whether you win or lose. 

You’ll need to defeat a certain number of XENO to claim all the rewards within a specified period.

The reward system is ideal for beginners and is easily accessible from the home screen. Make sure to acquire your rewards promptly for a successful game start.

In this article, I will explain Battle Pass System and All rewards.

PROJECT XENO| What is Battle Pass?

PROJECT XENO’s Battle Pass offers rewards based on the number of enemies you defeat in Arena Battles, with free and paid versions available.
Let’s take a look at three features you have to know.

Reward System Based on Enemy Defeat Count

In PROJECT XENO’s Battle Pass, rewards correlate with the number of enemies you defeat. Even if you don’t win the battle, keep accumulating enemy defeats to earn rewards, including rare items. Note: only enemy XENOs in Arena Battles count.

Free and Paid Battle Pass Versions

The Battle Pass offers two options – a free version and a paid version priced at 9,600 yen, with the latter providing more extravagant rewards.

Seasonal Updates

Battle Pass and its rewards are updated with each Arena Battle season, typically monthly. So, get ready for fresh challenges and rewards every month!

PROJECT XENO| Battle Pass Rewards

The Battle Pass offers an array of enticing rewards, ranging from weapons and charms to gold, G Coins, Master Keys, and NFT-BOX. 

LevelFree VersionPaid Version
1Gold × 500G-Coin × 1,500
2Small Treasure × 1Gold × 1,000
3Master Key × 1Large Treasure × 1
4Small Treasure × 1Gold × 1,000
5Weapon (NINJA)Charm (Necklace: Moon)
6Soul Token × 2Gold × 2,000
7Gold × 200Master Key × 2
8Small Treasure × 1Medium Treasure × 1
9Gold × 200Medium Treasure × 1
10Weapon (SAMURAI)Weapon (GRAPPLER)
11Gold × 200Gold × 2,000
12Medium Treasure × 1Master Key × 2
13Gold × 200Medium Treasure × 1
14Small Treasure × 1Soul Token × 5
15Weapon (BREAKER)NFT-BOX (Weapon version)
16Gold × 200Soul Token × 5
17Master Key × 1Medium Treasure × 1
18Soul Token × 2G-Coin × 1,000
19Small Treasure × 1Soul Token × 5
20Large Treasure × 1Weapon (BREAKER)
21Gold × 200Master Key × 3
22Small Treasure × 1Large Treasure × 1
23Gold × 200Master Key × 2
24Soul Token × 2Gold × 2,000
25Charm (Bracelet: Star)Weapon (PHYCHIC)
26Gold × 200Gold × 2,000
27Small Treasure × 1Soul Token × 5
28Gold × 200Master Key × 3
29Master Key × 1Large Treasure × 1
30Weapon (PHYCHIC)NFT-BOX (Charm version)
31Gold × 200Soul Token × 5
32Small Treasure × 1Gold × 2,000
33Gold × 200Master Key × 3
34Gold × 400Large Treasure × 1
35Master Key × 2Weapon (NINJA)
36Medium Treasure × 1Gold × 2,500
37Soul Token × 2Master Key × 3
38Master Key × 1G-Coin × 1,000
39Gold × 200Medium Treasure × 1
40Large Treasure × 1Charm (Ring: Thunder)
41Gold × 200Gold × 3,000
42Small Treasure × 1Gold × 3,000
43Weapon (GRAPPLER)Large Treasure × 1
44Medium Treasure × 1Soul Token × 5
45Gold × 400Weapon (SAMURAI)
46Medium Treasure × 1Extra Large Treasure × 1
47Gold × 200Gold × 3,000
48Soul Token × 2Master Key × 3
49Master Key × 1G-Coin × 1,500
50Large Treasure × 1NFT-BOX (Character version)

The rewards are associated only with XENO defeated in the Arena Battle, not enemy summon units or XENO defeated in the Training Grounds. 

This system encourages players to strategize and remove as many enemies as possible, adding a layer of gameplay depth.

While the paid version of the Battle Pass is priced at 9,600 yen, I personally believe it offers excellent value. It gives players the opportunity to acquire valuable items such as G-Coins and NFT-BOXes. Moreover, even the free version allows you to earn weapons and Master Keys, making it a great option for those who choose to play for free.

Notably, the Battle Pass system encourages both free play and incentivizes upgrades, promoting a balanced and rewarding gaming experience for all players. It’s an engaging blend of attainable rewards and aspirational prizes, truly making every player’s journey unique and enjoyable.

PROJECT XENO| Highlighted Rewards in the Beginner’s Battle Pass

In Battle Pass (Season 1), there are three main items to focus on:

G Coins

Obtainable only in the paid Battle Pass, with a chance to get up to 5000 G Coins. G Coins serve various purposes, including opening NFT-BOXes, so try to collect as many as possible.

Master Key

This item is essential for unlocking treasures instantly, saving hours of waiting. It’s available even in the free Battle Pass, so seize the opportunity to get it.


The highlight of the Battle Pass is undoubtedly the NFT-BOX. You can get three types of NFT-BOXes: WEAPON, CHARM, and XENO. Each XENO NFT-BOX costs around 5000 G Coins, making it a fantastic opportunity to obtain three of them.

PROJECT XENO| Key Points to Consider

Claim your rewards promptly!

Rewards must be claimed within each Arena season (typically a month). Unclaimed rewards will be forfeit when the season ends.

NFT-BOXes come with a cost

Opening your NFT-BOXes from the paid Battle Pass incurs a fee (ex, Character: 8,000 G-Coins). NFT-BOXes expire if not opened within seven days.

Two-week selling restriction on NFTs

Newly acquired NFT items cannot be sold for two weeks, as a fraud prevention measure. However, immediate sales are possible for those on the game’s whitelist.


Q. How many XENO do I need to defeat to claim all the rewards within the specified period?

To claim all the rewards within the specified period, you’ll need to defeat 1000 XENO in the Arena Battle.

Q. Is the paid version of the Battle Pass worth the cost of 9,600 yen, and what valuable items can I acquire from it?

Yes, the paid version of the Battle Pass priced at 9,600 yen is definitely worth it, as it offers a variety of valuable items. Some of the enticing rewards you can acquire from the paid version include 1 NFT-BOX (XENO), 1 NFT-BOX (CHARM), and 1 NFT-BOX (WEAPON), among others.

Q. What are the differences between the free and paid versions of the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass offers two versions – a free version and a paid version. The free version provides some rewards based on the number of enemies defeated in the Arena Battles, while the paid version offers more extravagant rewards, making it an attractive option for those seeking additional benefits and valuable items.

PROJECT XENO| Battle Pass Conclusion

The PROJECT XENO Battle Pass offers rewards based on the number of defeated XENO in Arena Battles, with free and paid versions available.

The paid version, priced at 9,600 yen, provides more valuable rewards. The Battle Pass is updated monthly, offering fresh challenges and enticing rewards. Players are encouraged to defeat enemies to earn rare items. Claim your rewards promptly, and be aware that opening NFT-BOXes from the paid version incurs a fee and has a seven-day expiration.

The Battle Pass promotes both free play and incentivizes upgrades, ensuring a rewarding gaming experience for all players.


PROJECT XENO is the Japanese NFT game that merges GameFi and esports in a 3v3 PvP battle arena.

Developed by CROOZ Blockchain Lab, it offers enjoyable gameplay and long-term income generation.

With support from celebrities like YouTuber Hikaru and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., prepare to earn through gameplay, NFT trading, and token trading. 

NameProject XENO