What is GXE Partners Program 11th in PROJECT XENO?


The recruitment for the 11th period GXE partner has been announced!!!

It is a program with many benefits that XENO fans cannot miss.

All partners enjoy various benefits, including whitelist certification, raffles for XENO and GENESIS items, GXE Shop sale access by tier, Platinum-exclusive privileges like priority meetings, hotline support, and early sale access.

This is a great opportunity to become a GXE Partner with various benefits.

In this article, we will explain the overview and participation method of the GXE Partner program. Read the article to the end, understand the conditions, and become a partner!

What is the GXE Partner?

The GXE Partner is a special initiative introduced within the PROJECT XENO community, designed to reward its dedicated members with exclusive perks.

Through this program, you can enjoy an array of benefits, such as priority access to certain events, premium customer support, and participation in exclusive sales.

The program cycles through different periods, each offering a fresh set of rewards for eligible members.

Project XENO| Requirements to Become a GXE Partner (11th period)

The requirements are the same as the previous period, which are to hold GXE, purchase the Battle Pass, and participate in Season Battle.

GXE Holding Tiers:

  1. Platinum Partner: Hold 50,000 or more GXE
  2. Gold Partner: Hold 30,000 or more GXE
  3. Bronze Partner: Hold 10,000 or more GXE

Additional Requirements:

  • Purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass
  • Active participation in Season 4
  • From Monday, December 11, at 09:00 UTC to Friday, December 22, at 14:00 UTC, hold more than 10,000 GXE. (Exchange holdings are not counted).

Rewards and Benefits for GXE Partners


This time, there are a total of seven benefits available. Most of them apply to all GXE partners, but some are limited to Platinum or Gold members.

Below is a summary of the benefits and the required Tier in both text and table form. Refer to this and decide which benefits you want to enjoy, and prepare your GXE accordingly.

Benefit 1: Marketplace Whitelist

Target: All partners

Content: Whitelist certification that provides preferential treatment in marketplace transactions

Note: Partners not certified in the 11th term may be excluded from the whitelist. The whitelist is periodically reviewed based on transaction history.

Benefit 2: XENO Distribution Lottery Ticket

Target: All partners

Content: A collaborative XENO, which is scheduled to be sold in December by a lottery from all partners, will be granted.

I’m really excited to find out with whom the collaborative XENO will be partnered! Last time it was with MEGA MAN, but will it be another famous Japanese IP this time?!

Note: A total of 9 winners will be selected, with 2 winners from Bronze, 2 winners from Gold, and 5 winners from Platinum.”

Benefit 3: GENESIS Distribution Lottery Ticket

Target: Gold, Platinum

Content: A collaborative GENESIS, which is scheduled to be sold in December by a lottery from Gold and Platinum, will be granted.

Note: 2 winners will be selected from Platinum. 1 winner will be selected from Gold.

Benefit 4: GXE Shop participation ticket

Target: All partners

Content: Sale participation ticket at GXE Shop


  • Platinum: Can participate in sales of GENESIS 1 to GENESIS 5.
  • Gold: Can participate in sales of GENESIS 2 to GENESIS 5.
  • Bronze: Can participate in sales of GENESIS 4 to GENESIS 5.”

Benefit 5: GXE partner meeting

Target: Platinum

Content: Priority participation in the GXE partner meeting

Note: Top 10 holders based on the number of GXE holdings are invited.

Benefit 6: Hotline support

Target: Platinum

Content: Hotline support

Note: Direct online contact with PROJECT XENO management. Available in Japanese/English.

How to Become a GXE Partner

To become a GXE partner, follow these steps:

Estimating the Necessary Cost

Determine the cost involved in acquiring the necessary GXE and purchasing a Battle Pass for Season 3.

Acquiring the Necessary GXE

Purchase the required number of GXE for your desired partner tier.

BNB (0.005 BNB should suffice) is required for gas charges if you buy G-coins with GXE.

Please see this guide on how to purchase GXE.

Hold GXE in Your Wallet

Transfer and hold your GXE in a recognized wallet like MetaMask to qualify for the partnership.

Purchase of Battle Pass

Buy a Battle Pass for Season 4 to fulfill the partnership criteria.

Check on My Page

Verify your partnership status on your personal page within the PROJECT XENO platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hold GXE on an exchange?

Q: Can I move GXE during the period?

Q: Do past partners need to buy a Battle Pass?

Q: Do all partners receive the benefits?

Q: Can I hold GXE on an exchange?

A: Hold the 10,000 GXE, the first condition, in a wallet already connected to your page. Even if you hold it on an exchange or in a wallet not connected to your page, you will not be recognized as a partner.

Q: Can I move GXE during the period?

A: If your GXE holdings fall below specified number of GXE tokens during the period, you will not be recognized as a partner. However, moving GXE from your wallet to exchange or using it within the bounds of not falling below specified number of GXE tokens is okay.

Q: Do past partners need to buy a Battle Pass?

A: Yes, regardless of whether you were a partner in the past, purchasing a Battle Pass is necessary to become a partner in the 11th period.

Q: Do all partners receive the benefits?

A: Benefits are tiered based on the level of GXE held, with all partners enjoying some benefits and higher tiers enjoying exclusive perks.


The GXE Partner program is an integral part of PROJECT XENO’s ecosystem, offering members exclusive benefits such as whitelist certifications, raffles for XENO and GENESIS items, and tiered access to GXE Shop sales.

Especially for Platinum members, there are added privileges like priority meetings and hotline support.

Dive into this enriching experience with us!



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