PROJECT XENO’s New Feature: ‘Break Down’


PROJECT XENO has introduced an exciting new feature, the NFT Break Down Function, on December 6, 2023.

This feature allows players to exchange their unwanted NFT items for the in-game currency, ‘U Coin.’

Detailed Exchange Rates

XENO: Unwanted XENO items can be uniformly exchanged for 8,000 U Coins.

CHARM & WEAPON: The exchange rates for these items vary based on their rarity:

  • RARE: 6,000 U Coins
  • EPIC: 24,000 U Coins
  • LEGENDARY: 96,000 U Coins

Points to Note

  • The U Coins obtained are non-withdrawable and can only be used within the game.
  • This system may be subject to changes in the future.

Utilization Strategy

Earning U Coins

Previously, acquiring U Coins mainly involved in-game purchases or exchanges with UXE. Now, players can efficiently earn U Coins by purchasing low-priced items in the marketplace and decomposing them.

Synergy with the ‘Inheritance’ Feature

The upcoming ‘Inheritance’ feature will allow players to increase the skill level of items by inheriting the same passive skill from another item.

This is particularly relevant for Level 9 passive skills, which are expected to see a significant increase in demand.

Impact on the Marketplace

This new feature could likely maintain higher floor prices (minimum prices) for items in the marketplace.

This is because the profit gained from decomposing items into U Coins could be more advantageous than selling them at low prices.


The NFT Break Down in PROJECT XENO offers players new strategic options and is expected to have a significant impact on the game’s economic system.

By smartly leveraging this feature, players can more effectively earn U Coins, enriching their gaming experience.