PancakeGames: Expanding Horizons with Exciting New Partnerships


In a recent announcement, PancakeGames has marked a significant milestone by partnering with three renowned titles in the gaming and metaverse industry: NEOBRED, CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-, and XANA.

While specific details of these collaborations are yet to be unveiled, the expansion of PancakeGames’ economic sphere is undeniable.

Let’s dive into what each of these partnerships might entail and how they could reshape the gaming landscape.

NEOBRED: A New Era of Horse Racing Games

The NEOBRED, a unique NFT-based horse racing game developed on the Avalanche network.

This game represents an innovative fusion of blockchain technology with the online gaming world, offering players a comprehensive experience of a racehorse’s lifecycle, from breeding to training and racing.

Players can acquire racehorses (NEOBRED NFTs) through a marketplace or by using NEOBRED DNA for breeding. The game’s standout features include:

  • Diverse Training and Development: Horses’ abilities evolve based on training strategies, diet, and rest, all within the constraints of the horse’s ACTION STAMINA.
  • Online Racing Thrills: Fully-grown NEOBRED (NFT) can compete in online races against others, providing an avenue for rewards and recognition.

This partnership could offer PancakeGames a unique edge in the NFT gaming sector, attracting enthusiasts of both horse racing and blockchain technology.

NEOBRED is a NFT horse racing game built on an EVM blockchain.
NEOBRED is a NFT horse racing game built on an EVM blockchain. Customize breed/train process to win the race for rewards.

CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-: Reliving the Football Manga Legend

Next, the alliance with “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” is particularly exciting.

This blockchain game is based on the influential football manga “Captain Tsubasa” by Yoichi Takahashi, revered by soccer fans globally.

The game’s two modes, PvE and PvP, allow players to engage in the original story battles and compete against other users, respectively. Highlights of this partnership include:

  • NFT Character Development: Players can develop unique NFT characters and compete for items against their “rivals.”
  • Rewarding Gameplay: The completion of Rival Cards and collection of Rival Pieces leads to lucrative rewards.

This collaboration is a strategic move for PancakeGames to tap into the vast fan base of “Captain Tsubasa” and the burgeoning field of sports-themed blockchain games.

CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS- is a blockchain game of the legendary football manga “Captain Tsubasa”

XANA: Stepping into the Metaverse

Finally, the partnership with XANA, an integrated platform of AI, Metaverse, and Web3.0, is perhaps the most futuristic.

XANA is a leading player in Japan’s Web3 Metaverse space, offering a plethora of features like:

  • Ease of Access: No downloads required, accessible from all devices.
  • User-Generated Content: Users can create content that becomes a part of the Metaverse, opening infinite possibilities.
  • Income Generation: Activities in the Metaverse can translate into real-world wealth.

This collaboration positions PancakeGames at the forefront of the evolving Metaverse and Web3.0 domains, promising novel virtual experiences for its users.

XANA | AI x Web 3.0 Metaverse SocialFi Infrastructure For Billions
XANA is AI driven Web 3.0 infrastructure custom-built for the Metaverse. Broadly Adopted by major institutions, local governments, and global brands.


The partnerships with NEOBRED, CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-, and XANA signify PancakeGames’ strategic expansion into diverse gaming realms.

While details are sparse, the potential these collaborations hold is immense. From engaging in NFT horse racing with NEOBRED, reliving football manga fantasies with CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-, to exploring the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse with XANA, PancakeGames is set to redefine the gaming experience.

These partnerships not only expand the company’s economic sphere but also position it as a pioneer in embracing innovative gaming trends. The gaming community eagerly awaits the unfolding of these exciting collaborations!