Project XENO: March 2024 Update


March was an exciting month for Project XENO, filled with events that will undoubtedly excite players.

This article summarizes the updates announced and implemented for Project XENO in March 2024. Even if you missed the updates, you can catch up quickly by reading this article!

New XENO “DRUID” announced!

Meet PROJECT XENO’s newest character – the DRUID! A master of nature, the DRUID excels in supporting allies and weakening enemies through unique skills like “Guidance of the Sage” and “Tornado”, along with the powerful summon “Alteo”. They also wield a unique “Mana” skill that boosts their combat effectiveness. For an in-depth look at the DRUID’s abilities and strategic potential, check out my blog below.

Exclusive Gacha Ticket Gifts for GXE Partners (Until March 31st)

To celebrate the addition of PvP to Elemental Story World, Gacha Tickets were given out to all members of the 13th Period GXE Partners!

This time, everyone can receive 10-consecutive-pull Gacha tickets. In addition, Platinum Partners can receive 30-consecutive-pull Gacha Tickets!

The criteria to receive gacha tickets are as follows:

  • Must be a member of the 13th Period GXE Partners
  • Must have the Elemental Story World app installed
  • Must be registered on the Elemental Story World MyPage and have linked the wallet
  • Must fulfill these conditions by 31st March
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There’s still time to meet these requirements.

The gacha tickets are scheduled to be distributed in early April.

Fan Meeting in Miyakojima, Okinawa (April 20th)

It has been announced that a fan meeting will be held in Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan on the 20th of April!

The venue will be “HOTEL385”, owned by popular YouTuber Hikaru, who is an ambassador for Project XENO.

Balance Adjustments Implemented for Season 8 (Starting March 26th)

In preparation for Season 8 starting on March 26th, in-game balance adjustments have been made. The game balance will be changed as follows:

Skill Card Name (Class Name)AdjustmentDetails
Ronin (SAMURAI)NerfedSummoned units’ HP decreased.
Fantasy Slash (SAMURAI)NerfedSummoned units’ attack power decreased.
Iron Slay (SAMURAI)BuffedDamage dealt increased.
Soul Bite (BREAKER)NerfedCool time changed from 0 to 2 turns
Warcry (BREAKER)BuffedAdded effect to remove ally-wide ATK and SPD downs.
Catastrophe (BREAKER)BuffedIncreased burn effect damage dealt to enemies.
Over Cyclone (BREAKER)BuffedAdded effect to ignore enemy defense.
Ragnarok (BREAKER)NerfedSkill now consumes 80% of remaining HP when used.
Avenger (BREAKER)AdjustedCounts only XENOs defeated by enemy attacks during the match.
Energy Gain (GUARDIAN)NerfedDamage dealt decreased.
Predetor α (GUARDIAN)AdjustedInitial recovery amount increased &
level-based recovery increment decreased.
Predetor β (GUARDIAN)AdjustedInitial recovery amount increased &
level-based recovery increment decreased.
Judgment (GUARDIAN)AdjustedNow removes barriers before attack rather than after (negates counter-attack or damage reflection shield changes).
Power Strike (GUARDIAN)AdjustedCost changed from 2 to 3 &
base damage increased.
Magnetic Armor (GUARDIAN)Buffed&
Shield amount increased &
adjusted to cover targeted AOE attacks such as Imperial Cross.
Nightmare (PSYCHIC)BuffedDamage dealt increased.
Cross Blizzard (PSYCHIC)BuffedDamage dealt increased.
Accel Force (PSYCHIC)BuffedAdded effect of +10% to the special gauge.
Collapse (PSYCHIC)BuffedIncreased base damage dealt.
Torrent Water (NINJA)BuffedAttack now decreases SPD of the target and adjacent units until the end of the next turn.
Megalodon Punch (GRAPPLER)BuffedDamage dealt increased.
Death Scythe (NECROMANCER)AdjustedDamage dealt decreased &
additional damage based on the enemy’s missing HP changed from 15% to 25%.
Holy Cross (PALADIN)NerfedDamage dealt decreased.
Sacred Pierce (PALADIN)NerfedCool time changed from 0 to 2 turns
Imperial Cross (PALADIN)Adjusted Damage decreased &
damage to targeted units changed from 200% to 300%.
Shielder (PALADIN)BuffedSummoned units’ HP increased.
Bind Chain (PALADIN)NerfedCost changed from 1 to 2 turns.
Rampart (PALADIN)NerfedCool time changed from 1 to 2 turns
Heavy Guard (PALADIN)BuffedIncreased damage reduction effect on self.
Imperial Guard (PALADIN)NerfedShield amount decreased.
Charms Light SeriesAdjustedSet effect changed to halve the opponent’s special gauge increase when attacked.
Charms Majestic Tree SeriesBuffedHP recovery timing changed to the start of the turn.
Charms Death SeriesBuffedEffect includes +50% to special gauge increase &
3-set effect damage changed from 2 to 3.
Charms Flame SeriesBuffedAdded “initial energy +1” and “apply burn for 3 turns on attack” (total burn damage changed from 20 to 35).

White Day Lucky Pack Sale (March 14th)

n celebration of White Day, a Lucky Pack was on sale until 15 March. The details were as follows:

  • Price: 80MM ($80)
  • Contents:

9,000 G Coins (50% chance)

12,000 G Coins (35% chance)

15,000 G Coins (14% chance)

18,000 G Coins (1% chance)

This pack offered at least an 11% saving compared to buying G Coins at the regular rate.

GARO Season 6 Championship Streamed on YouTube (March 16th)

The TV drama “GARO: The One Who Inherits Steel,” known for its collaboration with Project XENO in February, had its Season 6 championship streamed on YouTube starting March 16th.

You can watch the final match here:

GXE Burn Event (March 5th)

On the 5th of March, GXE used to purchase G Coins and in the GXE Shop was burned. 

This time 4,895,601 GXE were burned, which is approximately $154,344.07. 

The total amount of GXE burned so far is 26,680,459.17199285 GXE, worth approximately $841,157.33. 

Project XENO: March Update Summary

As highlighted, March was filled with various events, with the adjustments for Season 8’s game balance perhaps drawing the most interest from players. 

Changes included both nerfs and buffs, likely altering many players’ strategies significantly. 

It’s expected that future adjustments will continue, emphasizing the importance of having a diverse collection of XENO and charms for success.