How to Purchase Pancake Games ($GCAKE) on MEXC: Pancake Games


MEXC is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

With over 1,400 cryptocurrencies available for trading, it stands at the top of the industry. In this article, let’s go over how to purchase GCAKE on MEXC.

Opening an Account on MEXC

Opening an account on MEXC is as simple as 2 steps:

  1. Create an account with an e-mail and phone number
  2. Complete KYC

Trading can be initiated without completing the KYC process, however, doing so grants access to a wider range of services. It’s a good idea to complete the KYC procedure if you plan to use MEXC a lot.

[MEXC] Creating an Account

First, create an account on MEXC. The process of creating an account is just like any other account creation, all you need is an email address.

Visit the official website and click “Sign up.”

Enter an email address and a preferred password, and the verification screen will be displayed.

Enter the verification code sent to the email address you provided. The account has been created.

[MEXC] Complete KYC (Identity Verification)

Once the account has been created, “Look Around” to view the profile screen. 

Place the mouse cursor over the human icon in the upper right corner and select “Identification.”

You’ll see two types of KYC displayed.

  • Advanced KYC: Increase your 24-hour withdrawal limit to 200 BTC
  • Primary KYC: Increase your 24-hour withdrawal limit to 80 BTC

The type of KYC required varies based on the desired withdrawal limit. For frequent trading, Advanced KYC is recommended, while Primary KYC should suffice for a trial. The KYC process involves facial recognition, and it will be performed using a smartphone.

Click “Verify,” select “Nationality,” and choose between “ID card” or “Passport” as the type of ID to be submitted. Again, select “Nationality” and “Passport,” and click “Next.”

Activate the camera and take a picture of the passport.

After uploading is complete, take a photo of your face following the instructions on the smartphone.

The final step is to wait for the verification to be approved.

Purchasing GCAKE on MEXC

There are three popular methods to buy GCAKE:

  • Purchasing with a credit/debit card
  • Purchasing through spot trading
  • Purchasing through a payment service provider

Let’s go through each method one by one.

Method 1: Purchasing GCAKE with a Credit/Debit Card [MEXC]

On MEXC, you can purchase cryptocurrencies using a VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card.

To buy cryptocurrencies with a credit/debit card, click on “Buy Crypto” in the top left corner.

Click on “Debit/Credit Card.”

Enter your credit card information in the “Add Card” section at the bottom of the screen. 

Enter the amount in “Amount” and set the desired cryptocurrency in the “You Will Receive:” section.

Enter your card’s security code when the screen changes.

Method 2: Purchasing GCAKE with Third-Party Payment [MEXC]

When buying cryptocurrencies with a credit/debit card, you can also use a payment service provider other than the exchange. A payment service provider is like an intermediary that buys cryptocurrencies with a credit card on your behalf. Although there is a small fee involved, the convenience of purchasing cryptocurrencies is an attractive feature. If you live in a country where the purchase of cryptocurrencies with a credit card is restricted, please use a payment service provider. The purchase method is similar to that of a credit card. 

Click on “Buy Crypto” in the top bar and then click on “Debit/Credit Card.”

Click on “Third-Party.”

Enter the desired cryptocurrency, and the amount of cryptocurrency you will receive when using each payment service provider will be displayed.

Payment service providers available include banxa, simplex, moonpay, and mercuryo. If you are unsure, just choose the provider marked “Best price.”

Once the screen switches to the provider’s page, enter your credit card information and other required details to complete the process.

Method 3: Purchasing GCAKE through Spot Trading [MEXC]

Spot trading is transactions between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. On MEXC, you can purchase GCAKE after buying stablecoins like USDT. 

Click on “Trading” in the top bar of the official website, and then click on “Spot Trading.”

The following screen will appear:

  1. Market PriceTrading volume of trading pair in 24 hours
  2. Asks (Sell orders) book
  3. Bids (Buy orders) book
  4. Candlestick chart and Technical Indicators
  5. Trading Type: Spot / ETF / Margin / Futures / OTC
  6. Type of order: Limit / Market / Stop-limit
  7. Buy Cryptocurrency
  8. Sell Cryptocurrency
  9. Market and Trading pairs.
  10. Market latest completed transaction
  11. Your Limit Order / Stop-limit Order / Order History

To purchase GCAKE, click on 9 and enter “GCAKE.”

Click on “GCAKE/USDT,” and the GCAKE screen will appear.

Now, simply enter the USDT amount or GCAKE price and select “Buy GCAKE.”