Get your Hands on Exclusive NFTs – PROJECT XENO x BreakingDown Collaboration is Here!


Until May 29, we are witnessing the grand collaboration between ‘PROJECT XENO and BreakingDown.’ This event offers exclusive NFTs that are only available during this period.


  • Until May 29, ‘PROJECT XENO’ and ‘BreakingDown,’ a popular Japanese mixed martial arts competition, are collaborating to offer exclusive NFTs.
  • Four types of NFTs, each representing a unique character with enhanced skills, are being launched: Ninja x Rukiya Anpo, Grappler x Masanari Iida, Guardian x Komeo, and Psychic x Rea Hanasaki.
  • To purchase these limited NFTs, send GXE or USDT to a specified address, and make sure you have a My Page account and a registered wallet address on My Page.

What is Breaking down?

Breaking Down, a mixed martial arts competition in Japan is known for its unique concept of determining the strongest fighter within a minute. It’s a dynamic competition rapidly increasing in popularity, with participants coming from various backgrounds, not just traditional martial artists. They range from YouTubers and TikTokers to professionals from boxing, rugby, karate, judo, and more. The event’s unique concept and the appearance of young YouTubers and TikTokers have increased its appeal amongst the younger generation.

Four special XENOs

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In this collaboration, four types of NFTs will be launched:

  1. Ninja x Rukiya Anpo
  2. Grappler x Masanari Iida
  3. Guardian x Komeo
  4. Psychic x Rea Hanasaki

1. Ninja x Rukiya Anpo

Rukiya Anpo, “The Dark Hero of K-1,” collaborates with the dark hero of the XENO world, Ninja. The premium XENO’s skill set is designed to be efficient, with the special skill “Divine Light” stunning the enemy and subsequent attacks utilizing “Mikiri” to reduce damage. Additionally, when alone in the party, ATK increases, allowing you to aim for come-from-behind victories!

2.Grappler x Masanari Iida

“Breaking Down’s Ace, Masanari Iida,” who also has boxing experience, collaborates with the unruly character of the XENO world, Grappler. The premium XENO’s skills are designed to ensure dominance in the early stages of the game with “Top Speed” and “Summon Unit Killer.” The special skill, “Indra,” perfectly complements the Falcon Counter, showcasing the characteristics of the Grappler.

3.Guardian x Komeo

Collaborating with “The Fighting Chef, Komeo,” the Guardian character excels in wielding enormous weapons. The premium XENO’s skills are focused on defense, utilizing “Guard Summon” and “Iron Guard” to protect both summoned units and themselves. With the ability to safeguard the entire team using “Perfect Wall,” this composition truly embodies the name and essence of a Guardian’s specialized defensive capabilities.

4. Psychic x Rea Hanasaki

“The Troublemaker of the Gravure World, Rea Hanasaki,” collaborating with the troublemaker of the XENO world, Psychic. The premium XENO’s skills include “Bloody Mary” and “XENO Killer,” providing both offensive power and healing capabilities. The composition allows for attacking while recovering, and once the special gauge is filled, summoning “Valkyrie” to fight alongside.

Difference between Normal XENO and Premium XENO

There are two types of XENO: Normal XENO and Premiam XENO; Premiam XENO has a higher status compared to Noraml.

For example, you get a Premium XENO level of 20, whereas the Normal XENO level is 1. You also get 5 times the level of other Earn levels, and special and passive skills with a much higher level.

Normal XENOPremiam XENO
Price250 USDT,8000 GXE

How to get your special NFTs?

To purchase, send GXE or USDT to the designated address. While the special and passive skills of regular XENO are randomly assigned, they are fixed and powerful for this collaboration.

Things you need to buy Collaboration XENO:

  • A My Page account
  • A wallet address registered on My Page

Without these, you might not be able to receive the NFTs, so be careful. Also, they don’t support transfers from cryptocurrency exchanges, so you should use wallets like MetaMask.

Get your hands on these unique NFTs and embrace the thrill of the PROJECT XENO x BreakingDown collaboration!