Project XENO’s Exploration of NFTs| How to Buy NFTs?


Welcome to the exciting world of Project XENO, a free-to-play blockchain game that uniquely blends simple gameplay with strategic depth.

In this article, we’ll explore the game’s use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), providing a comprehensive guide to their acquisition and utilization. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or new to the blockchain scene, join us as we delve into the captivating world of NFTs in Project XENO.

Introducing Project XENO’s NFTs: Your Key to Dominance

Within the vibrant world of Project XENO, five distinct types of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) await. Players have the choice to purchase a unique NFT character, XENO, for gameplay, or use free XENO which you can not earn tokens. Also available are Charms and Weapons, special NFTs to enhance your XENO. Let’s dive deeper into these intriguing elements.

XENO – The Main NFT of Project XENO

XENO - The Main NFT of Project XENO

XENO, a combat-ready NFT, comes adorned with six classes and unique skills. There are so many different ways to mix and match outfits and colors that you can create thousands of unique looks. Ownership of this NFT enables you to acquire U Coin, which can be exchanged for Utility Tokens (UT). By holding the limited edition NFT, GENESIS, you can anticipate a more efficient accumulation of U Coin.


Classes represent the attributes of XENO within the game. Each class has its own distinct battle tactics, and the way they are deployed can influence the course of a battle.

A XENO’s class is randomly determined and once it’s set, it can’t be changed. So, if you want a specific class, it’s a good idea to buy it from the marketplace.



Aside from classes, XENO characters have four distinct statuses. Among these, EARN is a unique status not commonly seen in most games. Here’s what each status represents:

  • HP: Health Points. This affects the durability of XENO.
  • ATK: Attack. This affects the amount of damage inflicted.
  • SPD: Speed. This affects the order of actions in battle.
  • EARN: This affects the amount of tokens acquired

How these values are distributed influences your tactics in the game. For instance, the BREAKER class typically has a high ATK, but a slower SPD. On the other hand, the NINJA class shines in SPD and has average HP and ATK. Since three XENOs are used in the game, their arrangement becomes a significant strategic element.

Passive Skills

Passive skills are abilities that XENO activates during battles. Each XENO has two skills that are determined randomly.

Here are some examples from the WhitePaper:

  • Guardner: When HP is 80% or more, greatly reduce the damage taken
  • Attack Summon: When using a summoner skill, the ATK of the summoned unit increases
  • Battle Sense: When taking consecutive attacks, reduce the damage of the second and subsequent attacks

The combination of the two randomly assigned passive skills can surpass hundreds of possibilities. What kind of skills will be assigned depends on luck. However, unlike classes, passive skills can be changed by rerolling. Rerolling requires TRAINING NFTs.

Special Skills

Special skills are skills that exert a higher effect than passive skills. One is randomly assigned to each XENO, and there are three types prepared for each class.

Here are some examples from the WhitePaper:

  • Iron Slay: Perform a single target attack with a power of 100 that nullifies formation. This attack will always be critical.
  • Perfect Wall: Covers the allies and grants itself a 300 shield and speed move in this turn.
  • Reincarnation: Uses this next set of cards three times.

Charm – Equipable NFTs for XENO

Charms represent a special kind of NFT equipment that can be outfitted onto XENO. Each XENO can be decked out with a single necklace, bracelet, and ring – totaling up to three individual pieces of equipment per unit. There are no class restrictions when it comes to which XENO can don these charms. 

Charms come in a spectrum of five rarity levels, including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Naturally, the more rare the charm, the more significant the benefits it brings to your XENO.

Moreover, charms are conveniently categorized into distinct series. If the charms belong to the same series, you have the freedom to equip two necklaces, bracelets, or rings simultaneously. When you do this, you trigger a special set effect, granting you an extra edge in your battles!

Weapon – Weapon NFTs for XENO

Weapons are NFT equipment that can be attached to XENO. However, unlike charms, the type of weapon that can be equipped depends on the XENO’s class. It’s essential to ensure the weapon matches your XENO’s class before purchasing. 

Remember, each XENO can be equipped with one weapon only. 

By carefully picking a weapon that boosts or changes your XENO’s abilities, you can make those skills even stronger.

A XENO enhanced by a weapon may display a special animation when its skill is activated. And just like with charms, weapons also come in five tiers of rarity – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the weapon, the more substantial its influence on the XENO’s skills.

Summon Skin – NFTs for Customizing Summoned Units

Summon Skin represents an NFT that allows you to customize the appearance of your summoned units. Some Summon Skin can even alter the abilities of the unit they are equipped to. This NFT was just unveiled in January, so there are still many details that remain unknown.

NFT-BOX – NFT Containing Random XENO

Lastly, the NFT-BOX is a special type of NFT that provides you with a single XENO upon opening.

The NFT-BOX Sale is underway and will run until June 6th.

Don’t miss this limited-time event available on our marketplace until 17:59 on June 6th. Visit us at to take part.

For just 5,000 G-Coin (equivalent to 50 USD), you can purchase an NFT-BOX. Inside each NFT-BOX, you will find a XENO that will enable you to earn U-Coin. Please note that 8,000 G-Coin is required to open an NFT-BOX.

How to Buy NFTs: Step-by-Step Guide

Project XENO encompasses six types of coins: two types of crypto currency, three types of in-game coins, and Market Money, which is used on the NFT marketplace. To purchase NFTs, you’ll use Market Money.

Find the Desired XENO

Find the Desired XENO

Start by searching for the desired XENO in the marketplace. An essential consideration when choosing a XENO is its charge gauge. If the charge gauge is low, the acquisition rate of the in-game coin, U coin, decreases. When it reaches zero, the acquisition of U coins stops completely. Therefore, aim to choose XENO units with as full a charge gauge as possible. Besides this, consider factors like the XENO’s class, passive skills, special skills, and level when searching for the ideal XENO.

Register an Account on the My Page

Register an Account on the My Page

Once you’ve choosen XENO, proceed to register an account on the My Page. In Project XENO, you buy coins and handle NFTs on the My Page, not in the app. The registration process is simple: visit My Page, input your email address, and enter the authentication code. You are now ready to prepare for purchasing market money!

Purchase Market Money

Purchase Market Money

Market Money can be purchased either via credit card payment or with the crypto currency USDT. The following credit card brands are available:

  • American Express
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • VISA

To make a purchase, access My Page, click the Purchase button, and select Credit Card. Enter the amount of Market Money you want to buy and your card information, then click the Confirm button. This completes the purchase of Market Money.

If you’re buying with USDT, you’ll need to connect your MetaMask wallet to My Page. Please note that BNB or ETH  is needed for gas fees in this case.

Purchase the XENO

Purchase the XENO

All that remains is to purchase your XENO on the marketplace! The process is simple: just click on the XENO you want, and tap the Buy button.

As soon as it shows up in your account, you can use it in a fight.

However, Project XENO is a Free-to-Play NFT game. Even without purchasing an NFT XENO, you can still play the game using XENO distributed for free. So, what are the benefits of purchasing an NFT XENO?

Should You Buy NFTs? A Path to Profitability

To put it simply, buying NFTs can help you earn money. In Project XENO, if you don’t have NFTs, you’ll miss out on getting U Coins, which is the game’s own money. You can later change these U Coins into UXE, which is another type of token. But remember, the rate at which you can exchange U-Coins for UXE can change, so be careful.

For those seeking quick gains, we would highly recommend considering the purchase of NFTs. That said, it’s worth noting that some individuals have managed to generate profits by playing the game with free XENO units and capitalizing on the NFTs they acquired through drops. Although the odds may be low, it seems that earning a profit from scratch, without spending money, is still a potential avenue to explore.

Invest in NFT XENO for quicker earnings!

If you’re eager to turn a profit with XENO as soon as possible, buying NFT XENO comes highly recommended. By buying NFTs, you stand to gain the following benefits:

  • You can acquire U-Coins in PvP battles, which can be converted to UXE
  • You can choose and obtain XENO of any class, level, and skill you like
  • Eventually, you have the option to sell your NFT

Of course, it’s not impossible to make earnings without spending any money, so if you prefer to play at a relaxed pace without undue pressure, going the non-paying route might just be the choice for you.